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how to create a list of sites to post to?

i have had gsa for well over a year and still do not understand the capabilities there, so i thought i would ask here since there seems to be some very knowledgeable folks here. one of the things that i think gsa is reported to be very good at is pumping up pbn sites or web 2.0's that are being used as pbn sites, where gsa doesn't point directly to the money site but is used to beef up the link juice from the pbn/web 2.0 that *IS* pointing to the money sites.

but how does that work? i don't want to spend money to get a new auto approve list a few times a month, so how is that done? one guy told me that he creates a list with scrapebox and then feeds that to gsa?  but i thought scrapebox could only find blogs where a comment could be posted, where gsa can post to a lot more sites than just blog comment sites?

can anyone shed light on that?

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