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Make Captcha Breaker work with SEnuke (PART 2)

i read the thread about Make Captcha Breaker work with SEnuke, and here some follow up question:


When i add proxy on senuke, it ignores the web server (host file modification)...  

If its IE, i can skip the proxy by checking the "Bypass proxy server for local addresses".. 

Any idea to solve this problem ?


  • SvenSven
    Wow so SENuke sends captchas over proxy? I thought it was a bit more clever, not sending such things by proxy. Sorry but this is a SENuke thing. Can't really help you on this.
  • Why waste your time with Senuke? Their in-built sites are all owned by Senuke and suddenly turn into parked domains (with huge amounts of backlinks to them). Yes you can add your own site lists, but they don't work most of the time.

    Just use SER instead of Senuke. It's faster, easier, cheaper, better, updated and more stable. If the only reason you use XCR is because of the template, then get creative and draw your template on a piece of paper and create those projects in SER.
  • +1 come to gsa ser is the best
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