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GSA CB Servers SER and SENUKE at the same time...

Hello Guys,
i have a server where GSA SER runs on account a, and Senuke runs on account b. Both can detect captcha breaker.. my question: if i turn on "Do not use the image type for captcha detection" will it impact the performance for GSA SER ?


  • SvenSven
    This has no influence on SER.
  • Just to confirm, i just read on other thread that by enable this option on, it will make lower success rate, do you confirm it ?
  • SvenSven

    Maybe I didn't understand you correctly.

    As far as I remember SENuke is reencoding things to jpg. If an image is sent to CB and it's a jpg, SER checks if SENuke is running internally. If it is it ignores the image type as detection parameter. So yes, this might influence the solve rate a bit. However if the image type is not jpg, the image type is used as detection parameter.

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