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GSA SER v 3..8 ?

Can anyone share GSA SER v 3.38 download link here ?
Lately, I am noticing people saying v3.38 is better. so, i wanted to try it.
thanks in advance !


  • SvenSven
    Why not using 1.00 ?
  • you mean version 1.00 ?
    I have no idea.
    Gooner, ron suggested v 3.38.
  • @Sven - why dont you keep a list of all versions of gsa in official website.
  • goonergooner
    @sampath maybe 8.38 not 3.38? haha
  • ronron
    ^^ROFL - v8.38

    However, as I mentioned in another thread, I am seeing good stuff in @Sven's latest babies: SER v8.52 and CB v2.59. 
  • haha my bad, yeah, its 8.38.

    @ron - Thanks !
    I got around 273 LMP with latest blue list with 7 active projects and 500 threads in dedi.
    But i couldn't get all the links from the list. Out of 3.5k article and wiki links i got around 400 links.
    If i use the same list twice, will gsa ser post the links to those 400 links again ??
    I dont care about LMP, but i want most of the article and wiki links, that is the reason why i buy lists.
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    @sampath - You will do much better than that if you run those lists over and over. I talked about this in another thread just today, but I import the sitelist into contextual projects 4X each. And then keep doing it until the next list comes out.

    There are a million reasons why, but I believe two of the biggest reasons are that internet/proxy connections, even a bad electron or whatever, lol, can cause a bad connection. And with the speed that SER goes, that target just gets passed up. Also, the website may not pull up quickly for whatever reason.

    The main thing is that it is like baseball. You don't just want one chance to make a swing at the plate. Give yourself multiple chances to make the same link. Over time, you will simply have way more links because you took multiple swings at the plate. It is that simple.

    Also, don't forget the approval process with many targets, especially contextual targets. Junk links don't have that intervention. So it may take days for many links to show up. So between these two factors I have outlined here, the main thing is to keep posting, and be patient.

    If you marked the correct box in project data per our manual, you should only get one link per target for contextuals. But remember, that is a SER thing, not a list thing.  
  • @ ron - you didn't answer to this:
    "If i use the same list twice, will gsa ser post the links to those 400 links again ??"

    I have improved a lot on using GSA SER with your help and this forum. I do the same thing, I use the list multiple times, sometimes after using too many times i get like 10 to 20 links out of a list with few hundreds.

    You do the same thing like reusing the lists again and again with tier2 links like social network, bookmarks,forum,guest,comments etc
    Thank you very much once again !
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