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How many link submissions equal link verifications in settings "Options"

bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
edited May 2014 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
As you may know in the settings of a project we can choose between

pause after xxx verifications 

or pause after xxx submissions.

For my Tier2 i would like to disable verifications because it takes a lot of time & resources. I would like to switch my TIER2 (comments and co.) to submissions.

So, i wondered how many link submissions equal link verifications per day.

I thought that 4 link submissions = 1 successful link verification

i thought about multiplying per 4 to get the number of submission what do you think?

So, for instance,

Pause the project after 400 submissions per 1440 minutes 

would equal

Pause the project after 100 verifications per 1440 minutes ?????


  • It's impossible to say, it depends on your list. It's possible to only get 100 verified out of 20k submissions. Just try something for a day and see what happens. You can then adjust accordingly to your wishes.
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