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So i'm trying to code this site. got as far as registering and login (I think)

@sven, I don't quite understand the %captcha% so I have recaptcha_response_field=%captcha% but where do I put the image location?

Here is my code so far.

default checked=0

fixed url=
url must have=*://**

engine type=Microblog
description=Creates a microblog message on

anchor text=0
uses pages=0

extract keywords=0

skip ext links on=0
skip content on=0
skip url content on=0
posted domain check=1
[Your E-Mail]


allow html=0
must be filled=1
hint=Use the keyword that you would like your page getting ranked for. Also use spin syntax here for more than one anchor text.
alternate data=%spinfile-generic_anchor_text.dat%

must be filled=1
hint=The login for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
min length=5

must be filled=1
hint=A password used for websites that need an account. Use numbers and letters only.
min length=6

modify url=

submit success=Registration successful
submit failed=Homepage is not a valid URL.|You cannot register if you do not agree to the license.|Nick name can't be empty|You must enter a full name
;submit success skip verify=

form name=*Register
form url=
form id=form_register

verify submission=1
verify interval=10
verify timeout=30
first verify=0
verify by=email
verify on unknown status=1

set unknown variable=%leave%

fullname=%spinfile-names.dat% %spinfile-lnames.dat%
email=%your e-mail%

modify url=

submit success=Logout
submit failed=Incorrect username or password.

verify on unknown status=1

form name=*Login
form url=

set unknown variable=%leave%


This site lets you do a status update, bookmark and blog post. Seems like a lot so I might be in over my head. :)

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    thanks. I will work on this when I got time.

    about the captcha...for recaptcha you don't have to care about anything. The program will see that the site uses it and do all for you. If it's some other captcha system than just use %captcha% as place holder and the program locates the image for you on it's own.


  • SvenSven
    Just had a view on that's nothing else but the StatusNet engine.l I have just improved that and it should now work for this site as well as it got not detected as such.
  • have you done ? i try to do this too.
  • SvenSven
    latest version should work on this site.
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