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Two 50k Verified DomainLists - Only ~260 verified then stops? What am I doing wrong?

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Hey guys, in the past 2 days, I bought two 50k verified domain lists.  One is from famous Ron's Serlist.

I followed all the PDF instructions and optimizations.  I rarely have any limits for PR, daily limits, none.  multiple emails, 90 private proxies.

But when I load the list in selecting only contextuals like Articles, SN, Wikis, not junk links, I get about 260 verified links, then SER kind of just stops...

Am I doing something wrong?  This is happening to both 50k lists, so I think it has to be something I'm doing wrong.

If anyone can help me practically so I can blast through all 100k of my purchased lists and not just a few hundred of them, I'm willing to pay private coaching on Paypal to get this sorted out if someone can use Teamviewer to login to my VPS and show how to change settings.  Thanks! :)


  • SvenSven
    I would say it's your proxies dying? Do you use public proxies?
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    @joland I'm also a list seller, and whenever I find someone having trouble with the list I ask him the following questions:

    -Check how many of the proxies are working.
    -On how many threads are you using GSA SER?
    -Captcha solving service/software.  Captcha Breaker? Spamvilla? Depending how the lists are created you may need different captcha solving services. Is it working? Start the project and look at the log of Capcha Breaker if it's connecting and receiving and solving captchas.
    -On how many retries have you set your captcha service
    -What types of email accounts do you use? Temporary, public (yahoo, outlook) or private ( I have found that using your own hosted accounts works best. Check this tutorial to learn how to create thousands of them in seconds.  + Remember to always test your email accounts
    -How many email accounts are you using (use from 5 to 10 for each project)
    -Any unwanted messages in the log? Too many download failed per se
    -Any "important messages" for the project?
    +How do you import the list?

    Also, you should note that you will always get less links than what's being promoted (for number of reasons - it's just the way it is) And also, note that even though it's a 50k list, the contexuals are going to be much, much less ;)

    For now let's leave it at that :)
  • goonergooner
    I have bought 5 lists in the last 2 weeks. Ranging from 30k to 300k and none of those lists were able to get more than 10k verified on the first import, most got less than 5k. I also run my own blue list and got only 15k verified.

    These are not normal numbers, the only solution i found was to re-run the lists over and over to get the most from them.

    People are reporting issues with 'download failed' and issues with the way SER is handling proxies. I don't know if this could be the cause of the problems?
  • Thx for the responses guys. Attached below are screecaps of my GSA SER settings and my other specs.  Please let me know if I need to upload anything else to get this figured out.

    To all the big boys like @Ron @Gooner @2take2 thx for the awesome SERlists blue list!!  Pls kindly let me know how I can get this thing working, thank you SO MUCH!!! :D

    - Blue list from
    - 100 Proxies from Buyproxies
    - 5 superspun articles from Article builder (each superspun article made of 20 articles all spun together.)
    - Tried threads from 300-1000, same result
    - My server specs
    Xeon E5-1650 6 x 3.2GHz + HT
    32GB DDR3
    128GB SSD
    1gbps port
    12 Mb cache
    Win 2008 r2


  • You need to turn on proxies for submission immediately if you don't have a "bulletproof" server provider or know what you're doing.

    Also how many sites for the engines you've ticked does your list contain? I believe it's impossible to get even 30% verified backlinks from a bought verified list on the first run. Simply re-run the list as suggested by others.

    Also, as you're not using proxies for submissions, are you sure you're not already on numerous blacklists that are preventing you from doing a successful submission on a good deal of the websites?
  • goonergooner
    Hi @joland,

    "continuously try to post to a site even if failed before" should be selected, so SER can try and post to all sites on the list repeatedly.

    I don't see anything else that is a major problem. You can import the list multiple times to get as many links as possible or you can leave the list in identified and let SER post to it from there.

    As i said before, i am noticing that lists have to be run over and over again to get most of the links at the moment.

    Hope it helps.
  • fakenickahl  thx for pointing out about the proxies.  I bought 100 of them from buyproxies and somehow I don't know why it's not selected in submission, I thought it was.  Will reimport and see how it goes again.

    @gooner, I've selected the continusoly try to post option now.

    When you say reimport the list multiple times what do you mean by that?  In the PDFs it says to import to the identified folder and choose global list identified to post.  So if I import multiple times in the identified folder isn't that redundant?
  • goonergooner
    @joland - Yes running from identified makes importing redundant.

    However, over time we have tested both ways of doing things and got different results. So, it can't hurt to test both ways to ensure you get maximum links from the list.
  • @gooner, so the other way instead of importing to identified is to import straight to project? But then we need to import a text file instead for that right?
  • Yes. Just import all the files within whatever global site list you imported the list into all in one go. You may also merge them all together before doing so if you prefer.
  • Use 900 or 1200 time to wait between 2 logins in email verification settings. One of my clients got all email accounts suspended with same email settings as yours in very short time.

    Dont use proxies for email checking. Normal user never login via pop3 to email account using different IPs from different IP blocks, different ISPs and different countries in short time. SER can do this (if im not wrong) and this can be big hint for yahoo antispam system, in result your email accs can be suspended. 

    To stay safe use more email accounts per project (15-20).

    All above dont have big influence on your verified stats but you can avoid problems in future.

  • ronron
    Some folks have mentioned a few things here that I would say, so I might emphasize a few things here that were already said:

    • I use my proxies for all those little boxes (PR checking, submission), so that left side is all checked for me and use private proxies.
    • I would check off the "continuously post" box
    • Always use the 900 or higher setting on the proxy settings part. Very important to do that. Fyi, I only check the 1st, 3rd, and 5th box on that screen.
    • I personally keep the site list in identified as we always recommend. But I also import that sitelist from identified into each project directly. This was our original recommendation. We backed off of that recommendation when SER was having memory and processing issues with the direct import. But that issue has long been solved. I now import into all projects directly, and view the identified being checked in projects as simply the backup for when the direct import is all used up.
    • You never once mentioned how many projects you have. I bet you have very few projects. I will have 100 - 200 projects per server. If you tell me you only have 10 projects, I will personally shoot you, lol. You cannot expect massive results with just a few projects.
    • You have not explained your link limits on your T1 and lower projects. Do you only build 3-5 links on T1 per day? 10-20? What is your link limit on junk tiers - unlimited? I hope you understand that these questions are extremely relevant. 1) How many projects do you have, 2) What are your link limits on each project?
    It would help to show a screen shot of all your projects. Blank out or fuzz out the names or whatever, but I would like to see that screenshot. 
  • satyr85 - when you say 900-1200 wait time, do you mean that for "custom time to wait between search queries" until submission tab?

    ron - when you say: "Always use the 900 or higher setting on the proxy settings part. Very important to do that. Fyi, I only check the 1st, 3rd, and 5th box on that screen." could you please confirm which screen are you talking about? Is that under the main option settings? Under submissions, there is more than 5 boxes so I'm a bit confused, sorry about that.  

    As for projects, I'm only using 1 project to test the list, I know this will cause it to run low LPM which is ok for me because I just want to post ONCE per UNIQUE domain.  I want to see how many unique domains I can ultimately post to on contextual links for new lists I buy.  

    I set no limits on daily caps.  This is a project that blasts straight to a YT video so I don't care about filters, caps, etc.

    I think one main reason is because somehow the proxies for submission was not checked, which is weird because I always do.  But after fixing that, I'm up to 1072 verified links!! :D 

    Will leave it on for another day or so and report back, thanks guys for all the tips!! keep them coming!! :D
  • goonergooner
    @joland - The 900 wait time refers to delays between email logins, you can find those options on the email settings of your project.
  • ronron
    @joland - ^^Exactly what @gooner said. The 4th screen shot in your post above.

    Lastly, have some fun for godsake. Create 5-10 clones of that single project, set no limits, bring in new emails, and import the list into each project. You said you wanted as many new contextual links as possible. That's the only way to do that. Quit giving yourself only one swing at one pitch. Give yourself 10 batters and 10 swings, and then you will start making a lot of new contextual targets. Understand? 

  • Sorry this is a noob question, I haven't used list before, always scraped with GSA SER, hence the noob list question:  how do you "reimport" the .sl list multiple times into a project to make sure it posts to everything?

    @ron, the 10 clone projects is a great idea to get more links but I actually want to just post ONCE to a unique domain in the there anyway to do that while cloning into 10 campaigns?
  • goonergooner
    To import... Right-click on projects, import URLs, from file.
    Choose the .sl file.

    Just repeat that multiple times.
  • ronron

    @joland - No there really is no way to regulate that. What happens in real life is you have a list, and some links get built and some don't get built. But then project #2 somehow manages to build links that project #1 didn't build. It probably has to do more with the internet connection and the website host more than anything else.

    And as @gooner said, and to extrapolate a little, I will highlight all projects that have the exact same engines chosen as a group. For example, my T1's will have articles, social network and wikis as an example, and I will highlight all those similar projects, and then right click, and import target URLs from sitelist:identified. Then while they are still highlighted, I then repeat and import again. I will do this like 4X on contextual projects so that there is a rough "link balance" as far as the number of links in contextual vs. junk tiers where the list always has way more targets.

    Generally speaking, you have to be careful not to layer on too many imports into each project because then you can stress out SER with too much memory demand. But I do it with contextual projects all the time. Plus, by doing that, I just let SER run and run without worrying about feeding it enough targets. That way I can focus on building other websites and just other work I need to get done.

  • Thx gooner and ron for the prompt responses!

    When duping 1 campaign into 10 and then select them all together and reimport 4 times, do I have to:
    - delete url cache
    - delete url history
    - delete verified and submitted links
    - delete created accounts?
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    @joland - Do not delete history! At least never do on with any T1 tier or any tier where you have links being built to the verified links of that tier. Otherwise, you have zero ability to remove those links at a later date.

    Do not delete verified links for the same reason as above - then you take away all the hard work you did on lower tiers where you built links to those verified links.

    Deleting cache is fine as that is just old targets. So zero issue there, and I do that every day before importing.

    Deleting submission is fine as long as you run verify for a while to extract the verified links out of that bundle. Then delete what's left in submitted as it is dead wood.

  • @ron - If I clone a project into 10 projects, I assume I have to use new emails for each project?  

    As you mentioned there is no way to regulate how many times a domain is posted to on different projects, I'm risking having one site being posted to 10 times on different accounts?  Just think maybe that's not really safe to have 10 links coming from the same root domain?

    How do you normally set it up so you can squeeze out the maximum verifys in a new list while maintaining the balance of not building too many contextual links on the same root domain?
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    Yes, you need new emails always with any new projects.

    Just don't check that box in Project Options called "Allow posting on same site again". That is all I do. That is all you can do.

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