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email passwords without crypt


in fix 8.16 I saw:

- new: internal changes on how to save email passwords. You can now use
##password so that SER can read them without the need to crypt/decrypt

So how I can save email password without crypt? Where and how I need use ##password?



  • SvenSven
    in the *.prj file in case you edit it externally or from a program.
  • Ok, I want add some emails in *.prj with some program... What need I do?

    1. Edit [options] section:
    pop3 login=
    pop3 pw=

    2. Edit [email accounts] sections with additional emails


    But i don't understand what I need write here, when i try do like in *.prj it's not working. And how I need use "##password"?

    Can You please show example?

  • SvenSven

    Lets say your password it " 1H@venoClue " then you would write...

    pop3 pw= ##1H@venoClue 

    and for the additinal accoutns...

    0=myemail @hotmail.comÿpop-mail.outlook.comÿ995ÿ myemail @hotmail.comÿ ##1H@venoClueÿ0

  • Thanks, but what is "ÿ"?

    I add this string in project


    but in SER -


    What wrong?
  • SvenSven
    It's char #255 in asci table. If you use an editor can'T handle the encoding its screwed of course.
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