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We used, what content creator?

We used, what content creator?

I know there are:

Wicked Article Creator

content foundry

What do you use?



  • I use SEO Content Machine

  • What is the best?

  • goonergooner
    It depends what you need, if your niche is very popular i find something like article builder is the best because you click 3 buttons and you have a 90%+ unique article that is 100% readable.

    But if they don't have your niche then you will need another tool.

  • If the Article Builder niche is close, you can do a global replace of KWs.

    WordAI is pretty awesome as well. Not perfect spins, but damn good.
  • I only go for extremely unique content and that's why I use WAC. I first scrape 100-150 articles, do some keyword replacing with notepad++ then I take all the content and word spin it with up to 4 variations per word. This leave me with a huge amount of content which I then make WAC smash together with about 40 variations per sentence, 5 variations per paragraph, 50 variations per sentence on comments, and 1000 title which I also extract and word spin. Notepad++ will also make it easy for you to remove the spintax and put the titles on seperate lines to better have it word spun. I'm using the cheap spinner MultiSpinner, and it seems to handle spinning of up to 60k words at a time if you save the spintax directly to a file instead of trying to copy paste it.
  • Thank, it seems most appropriate WAC now GSA.
  • Anyone have any issue with the auto fill of Wicked Article Creator?

    I got recently an error with WAC it says (( Sorry But I Was Unable To Fill From WAC ))

    Anyone Can Help Me Please How To Resolve This Issue?

  • @vet333 Check for updates for WAC I had the same issue a while back and updating fixed it. You can check for updates within WAC I can't remember exactly where but I think it was under the WAC Extra tab.
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