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DO NOT USE - they provide a horrible service

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Two months ago I have ordered 10 private proxies to recommended on GSA SER Options tab. I was sure that a company oficially recommended by GSA cannot be bad. I was wrong.  They are bad. Really, really bad.

Since the beginning it was going bad. Never, but really never all the 10 proxies were working together. One day 7-8 were working, other day only 2-3. All of them were mostly slow or medium, with the speed arriving to 7,950 sometimes.

I was sure that it was my fault as a company officially recommended by GSA cannot be bad. I was sure that I was burning my proxies (using 1:10 rate). It was no problem for me as I was using 10 more private proxies from another source and 10 more semiprivate from a different provider.

What was my surprise when after one month I have received a new set of proxies and when tested, before using them, 5 of them were not working.

I have sent an emailing complaining and asking for replacement. No answer. Another mailing with screenshots. No answer,  I have sent some more mails. No answer.

The only answer I received from them was a message saying:

We answer all emails but for clients better to submit ticket via client area and it get responded faster:

Sir proxies working but it could sometimes get any down and you can submit ticket we can fix it OR replace with other as we provide DEAD replacement guaranteed.

In some cases GSA settings have issue that hammer proxies and make them useless in that cases we help clients to get it fixed.

Bullshit. I have submitted a ticket immediately and I am still awaiting their answer. No answer. No replacement for the dead proxies. They simply NEVER ANSWER!!!

Dear Sven.

If you have some profits recommending them, I can understand. This is your business and this is your pocket. But If you simply recommend them because of 10% off, do not do it. They are harming your reputation. This 10% off is not real because 50% of the supplied proxies are not working In fact you earn 10% but you loose 40%. Do not forget that remaining proxies are medium or slow speed, .

I have cancelled my subscription and I do not ask for refound. What for? If they werent able to answer my mails for two weeks,  I will only loose my time and my health.


Now I am using private proxies from They are recommended by SERlists. Thay are working excellent.

The second set I use are semi-private proxies from Beeing semiprivate and much more cheaper they are working better than proxy-hubs private proxies.

I have tested proxy-hubs proxies this morning. Today I am a lucky one as there are 3 non-working proxies only. But one proxie has a speed at 7,363 and another one is 4,976...

Do not use them. They are scumming with their 10%. In fact they are stealing us..


  • Used Proxy Hub for many months, maybe even over a year, but quit them earlier this year as they just failed all of the time.

    Buyproxies rock.
  • Yes me too got the same crap service, poor proxies poor support time to move on.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Actually, this isn't Sven's fault, this is my fault.

    Proxy-hub had contacted us a long time ago offering discounts for GSA users and at the time let me test some of their proxies and they seemed to work pretty good at the time of testing. Keep in mind this was quite a long time ago so I'm not sure if things have changed and everyone is getting poor service across the board or what.

    If they really have gotten that bad, they can be removed from the software.

    Is everyone having a bad experience with them? 

    I've seen people in the past say were good then some said they weren't good. It seems like there are so many providers its hard to know who is really "the best".

    Maybe we need to find someone else to recommend or just not recommend anyone at all and let people figure it out. :/
  • Proxy-hub is terrible to say the least. Dead proxies and super slow support. Cancelled subscription after a week in and never felt so good.
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    I have a bad time with proxyhub too, I cancelled their service after using it for 2 months, slow/dead proxy and slow response for replacement.
  • I've had a very frustrating experience with Proxy-hub So I cancelled with them pretty quickly.   I've had some up and downs with Proxyhub as well.  But I've tried a lot of Proxy Places out there and they were the best that I've tried.  But Lately i've seen a few other proxy providers pop'ing up here and there.  Might give them a go and see how they do.  :)
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    Hi s4nt0s

    Speak to the people from SERlists, they are very active on this forum and they are providing an excellent service and support with their lists.
    They are recommending from their own experience. I tried them and I am really delighted.

    Anyway: the matter is not in promoting or not promoting buyproxies.

    The matter is in removing those guys from proxy-hub
    just in order to not to harm GSA SER reputation.

    There is a lot of people contracting them not because of 10% discount but because of your recommendation. Like me.
  • bloupbloupbloupbloup Spain
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    @nefretete @s4nt0s

    I would like to confirm what you say. I decided to stop my proxy-hub services last week. 

    I was enough because:

    • They were late sending me the new monthly list of semi dedicated proxies after payment (5 to 8 days after monthly payment). Last month, here is what happened. monthly payment was made, but they didn't send the new list of proxies. They started to decommission my actual proxies and i ended up with 4 proxies out of the 20 semi dedicated proxies i have signed for.
    • Some proxies answered after 6 seconds. One answered after 10 seconds
    • The number of successful postings in GSA started to lower through proxy-hub proxies
    • Some proxies shut down. 
    More importantly, i have seen my number of daily postings dropping. I switched to buyproxies and in the blink of an eye, the number of daily postings rose up. 

    I also encourage Sven not to advertise for proxy-hub
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    Yes, they are awful @s4nt0s I can only echo what others have said. I ordered 50 proxies, 2 worked.. I told them and they said they all worked. Eventually they replaced them, but then only 20 worked. I gave up and use Buyproxies.

    The problem is that everyone is using them and they will get too popular too. :S
  • I can also confirm they provide poor quality proxies and even lesser service.
    Requested they cancel this service by thier email system on the 05/06/2014 the request sent an automated message saying the order was cancelled.

    I just got invoiced again for the 50 semi-dedicated proxies service that I cancelled 11 days ago.

    At the time of original order 47 were working (alive) 2 were dead and one was a Web Proxy which later died.
    The other 47 were blacklisted and unable to post scrape or download websites and were worthless for use in GSA.
    Ticket raised to deal with this issue.

    Seems there is nobody there at all.

    I gave them the benifit of the doubt because they were recomended here and they removed all doubt

    Screenshots taken of all messages and requests and lack of responses.
    They just crossed the line from providing a shitty service into stealing.

    Subject: [Ticket ID: 824555] Fail to cancel recurring billing after request

  • Update:  Refund received today from above billing after cancellation issue.
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