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Clean-up check and remove

GSA took eight months, I've only cleaned url with duplicate domains and tool GSA SER

But if I run this option in a VPS with 4 cores and 4 GB in one day does not make even 10%. So slow is the verification? 

For example I have identified in a type of blog over 3000k on that single file. 

It can speed up the process? Eg choosing to Make cleaning engines? To do so slower. I can not have 10 days only GSA SER busy making this check, but how important do


  • Sorry, yes filter , i noob
  • It is a bit long to go doing it for group motor but no other way , is a great option .

    As eliminates the urls that do not work right?

    I might suggest one useful option that looks great , although I would do slower. One option that could change and count OBL . Eventually the urls of the blogs are becoming more and more post . For my full review the list and remove everything that is above 150 OBL would be wonderful . Because if I will not touch it by hand with Scrappeobx

    It would be an option only for use in blog, microbloging , image and little else , but I think important because I want to have a url that after 3 months post has 600 or more .

    Or even a filter . Jpg. Pdf . Gif often sneak in SiteList .

    Even so the current function is very good, but very slow when I get to the blog, lists 8 million urls in blogs is something important, so the importance of cleaning the excess post with links of SiteList
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