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site lists questions

HI All, 

need some advice please. I am building some nice lists using GSA and scrapebox. When I have the list from SB which is keyword specific

I then click options--> advanced--> tools--> import URLS (identify platform and sort in) 

GSA runs through the list and sorts it into the appropriate platforms. 

question 1/ Does GSA then add this to a universal list
question 2/ can GSA when building links identify the relevant keyword list for each project. i.e. if i follow the above for a health niche website, but then want to build links for a dating website, can it differentiate the domins for health and dating or will it post to all the domains regardless of the product I am trying to build for. 

thanks in advance


  • 1) When you do this GSA SER will take the time to analyze the urls and sort them in the "Identified Global List", if its keyword specific it would go to the other urls and there is no way for you to distinguish them.
    2) No

    Anyway, there's no such thing as niche relevant sites when speaking about linkbuilding with SER.

    Lets say you search for "skin care" and you find an article directory with an article about skin care... Although this article is about this, there are thousands of more article in this directory which 99% are not about skin care. and there are probably article for dating.

  • @stoimenliev that's great thanks for the answer. This being the case how is it then possible to build niche relevant backlinks with SER (baclinks coming from 'similar' sites), or does it not really matter? I appreciate for article directories, what about web2.0s or some of the spammier links like comments etc..
  • It's pretty much the same. The mass of what you scrape won't be niche relevant.
    Simply check some of the "niche" sites you have scraped and you'll see it yourself.

    More on that.. Let's say you find a perfect Wiki with only skin care articles in it.
    Guess what? Since you can post there, the thousands of people who have SER will also be able to post there.. and after a month or two it will be full of thousands of article who are not skin care related
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