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[Q] Add Url and anchor text + secondary anchor text ?

What is the use of putting anchor text with URL when we put anchor texts again in achor field anyways?


  • Better control over the anchor text diversification

    To give you an oversimplified example:

    If I want to have 30% "dog food" and 70% "food for dogs" i can either write only in the main anchor text field
    {dog food|dog food|dog food|food for dogs|food for dogs|foodfordogs|food for dogs|food for dogs|food for dogs|food for dogs}

    Or I can write in the main anchor text field "dog food'
    and write in the secondary anchor text "food for dog" and set it to 70%
  • StoimenIliev So these two main anchor texts , you can decide their percentage down there at Partial match anchor text % and Secondary anchor text % . Those two options that i see down below "use keywords as anchor text".
  • Well, the name of the field shouldn't confuse you. You can use it however you want, the fact is that there are many fields so that you can divesify your anchor text easily and without getting confused.

    Use keywords as anchor text simply does what it says - you use the keywords in they "keywords" field as anchor text. If it's a spam project and you are too lazy you may wanna use it like that.

    Partial match anchor text is working the same way as "secondary anchor text". It's just the name of the filed that is different, which will make it easier for you to check what you have done from time to time, especially if you have tens of projects.

    Partial match anchor text is typically longtail: dog food new york, dog food manhattan etc. You want to be able to easily diversify your anchor text to avoid google updates and to be able to easily distinguish what you have done. That's why the GSA team put so many fields. After that, you can use them however you want!
  • edited May 2014
    To answer your initial question. If I were ranking a website on all kinds of widget colors and I had 3 pages, one on red widgets, another one on blue widgets, and the last on green widgets. I would then use content about widgets in general in SER for all these pages, and use the anchors red, blue, and green widgets next to their respective urls, as I wouldn't want to use the anchors green or red widgets for the page called blue widgets. I would then use the input boxes for anchors below to further diversify my anchors.

    I hope you understand my example and it helps you. It just saves you the hassle from creating lots of duplicate projects with the only difference being the main anchors.
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