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Server for GSA Ser + CB

Ok, not used GSA Ser (&CB) for some time, and need a new server for running them - need server recommendations/suggestions as well as recommended specs for running these.

Windows VPS/Dedi?
SSD? etc.


  • Rule of the thumb - As many CPU cores as you can afford.
     Minimium of 4 Gigs of ram - since SER is 32 bit.
    SSD if you intend to process huge lists.

    Dedi/VPS? Dedi is definitely worth the money
  • hi spammasta - who do you use yourself? i see solidseo have an offer on the forum - any good?
  • I got all sorts of stuff all over the place.If i were you , i would take up that SolidSEO offer.Mind you , its +$15 for the windows install.
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