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How To Disable 'Visit Poster's Site" Engine ?

I have very high anchor text ratio in the  following:

<a>noText</a> (14%) 
homepage des autors besuchen (6%) 
visit poster's website (6%) 

In GSA, i only set Generic anchor text 5% 

I would like to disable the engine in using it . (I know right click on the 'where to submit' will pop up a list)
My question is which of the following setting should i click ? 

Another issue will be proxies,
i am using a mix of private and public. 
My proxies die off, it auto get deleted off the list.
I already uncheck the proxies setting " Automaticaly disable private proxies when detected to be down" 
But it still gone when it is gone. 


  • SvenSven
    well have a look at the verified urls of your projects and find the engines produicing ther eown anchor text that you don't want. You would just have to uncheck them in the project.
  • edited May 2014
    @sven Possible to make it easier with the right click of a button like this what you alr done in the [Where To Submit] area? 

    Uncheck Engine that Use THeir own Anchor Text?"

    I am using  generic at 4%. rest is all keyword but after building 7k links
    visit poster's website (30%) 
    website dieses benutzers besuchen (7%) 
    visiter le site web de l'utilisateur (6%) 
    odwiedź stronę autora (5%) 
    посетить сайт автора (5%) 
    homepage (3%) 
    visitar sitio web del autor (3%) 
    <a>noText</a> (3%)

    I not sure what the issue, my main anchor only take up 2%  lol. 

  • I have seen for many competitors and also for myself. that those anchors there is in first place...

    visit poster's website

    And for my projects I also not using much generic anchors...
  • SvenSven
    So what? This noText anchor is from engines having an image as "anchor". You can define what engines to use and even choose to disable engines not using your anchor text.
  • I believe "Visit Poster's Website" is from VBulletin forums.  I know the image anchor is also from another forum, not sure which one at the moment.  Go through your verified links and check.
  • Yeah that would be really good if we know what engine produce it. I think it is a big footprint for google.
  • ronron

    Guys (and gals),

    Quit acting so helpless. If you took even the first step of analysis (which you obviously are not doing) - then you would look at your verified list for your projects, sort the anchor text, and see the answer staring you right in the face. It's the engine, not generic anchors.

    Now go take a look before I pull my hair out.

  • Hi !

    The issue is, some engine , had mutiple anchor text .

    Example for Trackback.

    Some are able to use my anchor,
    Some use generic.

    What should i do ? 
  • the funny thing is, i can't find visit poster website, in my verfied list lol! 
  • "Visit Poster's Website" is from vBulletin.  The rest of them are from foreign language phpBB forums.  The "no text" are just image anchors. 
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