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How to improve the indexing of backlinks

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It's just me, or is very difficult to get backlinks indexed? I do not know what else to do. I've done a lot of experiments and the results are basically the same.

For a campaign with just articles, bookmarks and social networks in the first tier i got about 3000 links verified. Only 15% of these links are currently indexed (confirmed with scrapebox).

I did several tests, I used GSA SEO indexer and nothing happened, I used and nothing happened, I used and again nothing happened, and i used backlinksindexer and so on ... so quit using any kind of indexing service.

Second phase of my tests was to do 3 more tiers (only articles, bookmarks or social) and ... again ... nothing happens ... Moreover the results down to about 13%

Now I decided to perform a backlink blasted with blog comments, image comments, guestbooks and wikis .... for now still nothing happened.

This campaign is about two month and a half! Are these values ​​(13-15%) correct? You guys know, any way to improve these numbers?

I know well that hardly all backlinks are going to be indexed, but I expected with a rate close to 80%.

Sorry for my bad English.
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  • @GSAFanatic - which addon are you using in scrapebox to check this - is it the backlink checker?   I too bought the gsa indexer but have not checked backlinks using scrapebox.  Im just using the SB rank tracker for keywords - but I just bought all this software so not so much movement yet.

    Im sure the experienced users will comment soon. (me still green at using GSA and SB) :)
  • I would like to hear more info on getting more backlinks indexed also.  Seems to be a very low percentage.
  • are you using a global site list ONLY. If you are one possibility is that most of the site in that list could have the actual domain de-indexed and blacklisted so that any links coming from those sites are ignored by google.

    How about use scrapebox and see if the actual DOMAIN NAME of where that articles submitted too are actually indexed by google.
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    @Rich2012 - I use the option "checked indexed » google" from scrapebox. It's not an addon. just copy and paste all verified links from GSA to scrapebox. It's simple.

    @sootedninjas - No, i'm not using only global site list. Is a possibility for sites that are not authority. But I'm counting on it. I think 80% was a good rate even with the de-index of some sites, but it is quite far. Remind that are all links provide only from articles, bookmarks and social networks. Not forum profiles....
    I followed your suggestion and checked the indexing of DOMAIN NAME. The result was a 95% rate of Domains indexed. Not bad! So... the problem remains...

    Another conclusion its that all of backlinks indexer programs like,, backlinksindexer and Nuclear Link indexer don't do anything! It's a wasted of time and money...

  • hmmm. very interesting observation....

    well another suggestion I can make is to create an RSS Feed of all your verified links, upload it to your site and then submit it to RSS Feed Directories / Aggregators.

    Don't use Scrapebox RSS Feed because I think it is just pinging your RSS Feed as opposed to actually submitting the feed to RSS Directories. After that wait at least 7 days then check if it is indexed.
  • ronron
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    Guys, I've been doing this for over a decade and I wanted to chime in to share what I know.

    If you you were to do nothing, and measure the rate of indexing over a period of weeks, you will notice it goes up week after week. That's all by itself.

    Ultimately if you want to achieve something as close to 'indexing perfection' as possible, you need to backlink all of your backlinks multiple times each. Truthfully, this won't get you to 100%, but it is the most efficient method to get your backlinks indexed.

    That is why programs like xrumer can be very handy if you can get past the cost and the learning curve. Then you can start blasting millions of garbage links at your backlinks, and get as many indexed as possible.

    Maybe one day I will do this when I have the time (months) to invest, but I have found services like lindexed to be extremely valuable. The first thing that has to happen before indexing is that the backlink needs to be crawled, and lindexed does get you a 100% 'crawl' rate by the google spiders. Obviously many of those backlinks will get indexed, but all of those spider crawls create a buzz of activity with your website as the spiders follow the links back to your moneysite. And this by itself is very valuable for ranking as well.

    Remember that many backlinks will never get indexed because they don't meet a google quality threshold as a worthwhile link. Not all of your links and my links are worthy, sorry to say.

    Everyone thinks indexing happens or should happen very quickly, and that is not true. The only way to prove it to yourself is to select some backlinks, and keep a chart of their indexing over a period of 4-6 weeks to see what I mean.

    I personally think too many folks get caught up in the indexing prism, and forget to have a good seo plan on how they will build their links, how they will set up the tiers, how they will accelerate the amount of linking, how they will diversify their anchor text, how they will decrease the bounce rate on their moneysite, etc., etc.

    Just my two cents - I hope it helps.


  • Hmm, not much to add to Rons comments he's got it pretty much nailed. In terms of your question, you should be seeing a min of 30-35% indexed by your timescales but the truth of the matter is there is nothing better than backlinking your back links to get them indexed.

    This is why tiered linking is so effective if set up correctly. You need to keep the quality of tier 2 high though with good quality content and authoritative domains. If you use good content on half decent sites for your tier 2's and below you should see indexing rates much higher ;)
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    Great post you guys, thanks! :)

    "You need to keep the quality of tier 2 high though with good quality content and authoritative domains. If you use good content on half decent sites for your tier 2's and below you should see indexing rates much higher"

    @takeachance:, @ron: so far for Tier 1 ive been using the following platforms for their "fixed link" qualities:

    1)directory submissions

    2)article submissions

    3) web2.0

    4)forum profiles

    First off, would you add/subtract any platforms/filters from this list?

    Also, what would be the advisable, "high quality" platforms/PR filters for Tier 2 and Tier 3 linking? 

  • Will GSA SEO Indexer get the backlinks be indexed quick by google?
  • icashin Why no blog comments? I've ranked sites with nothing but SB and comments. Of course the comments need to be on topic and make sense but anyone can come up with decent comments that will stick by brainstorming and writing them for 30 mins and then spinning them a little bit.

    Scraping a list with SB and cleaning it up will be even better of course... and then scheduling the comments to go out over 2-4 weeks.

    I tend to throw pretty much everything at my money site (barring the indexer, referrer, trackback links) but in moderation. This gives great link diversity and the key point is I create my own content so even if the posts or comments are moderated there is always an excellent chance for my content to stick. Its GSA suicide if you want to use the same default content in GSA for all niches.

    On the other hand having unique niche relevant content will always give the impression you have read the post/content and then commented or written a useful article on the subject.
  • "I've ranked sites with nothing but SB and comments"

    Post penguin?! I think not...
  • Works well even post Panda, Penguin and every other animal. But not the mass spamming SB kind. The ActuallyRank type does still work and I use it too. Of course you can scrape the same yourself with SB and comment manually. The key is high PR pages and not domains.
  • @Heisenberg Why would you think it's not possible? It's entirely possible to rank sites with SB comments. How long it stays ranked is a different matter entirely though.
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    @icashin - These settings you are requesting will very much depend upon
    your niche, level of competition, your domain age and authority amongst a
    whole host of other metrics. There is not one size fits all ranking
    strategy and what sets you apart from the others is finding that out for

    What I would say in answer to your question is keep
    the quality of the higher tiers exactly that quality. In GSA SER we have
    several metrics that we can influence to obtain this quality including
    the PR filter and OBL's. Use these to identify the more authoritative
    domains. For lower tiers you obviously have the option of lowering these
    to find more less quality targets.
  • Re the blog comment conversation above; yes you can rank sites using SB alone. You can also rank them with just a handful of non SB links. G has gotten very clever at shrinking a defined 'template' for ranking purposes now - what works for one niche/site will not work for another. The amount of influencing metrics involved in ranking any one site means each is totally different therefore blanket statements "they don't work" need to be tempered with the knowledge that they may well work for you :) there's only one way to find out isn't there.....
  • Interesting input, i have seen much truth to what @takeachance is saying, ranking in different niches with different keyword density settings...G seems to want to f us in different positions in different niches..not sticking to boring ol' default ;)

    however what i am looking for was what has worked for YOU as  "general platforms" and filters for Tier 1 and Tier 2 linking

    I am waiting to experiment and report, but first i need some statistical data to test. 
  • ps. my home domain is a PR 3 site that i recently bought
  • i am targeting keywords b/w 200k-2mill results

    1) 2-15k searches

    2) one KQ 40k searches
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