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How many times does your exact anchours have to be present on t1 to rank money site for that kw?

This wasnt an issue when i was doing really big tier 1s of thousands and thousands ofc even at 2% or whever the exact achours would show up a few times.

But now im really lowering the size of the tier ones to only 50-100 if its just done on a dice roll in the % part then lots of the kws wont have shown up at all.

So how many times do they have to exist do you reckon to get a page ranking in top 100 for the kw?

What Ive started doing is doing a seperate project for the exact anchours and running that and stopping it after i get 2 or 3 for each kw, then making another t1 for longtail and generics.

How do you guys do it and how many iteractions does it have to be to show in top 100 do you reckon? ofc theres no hard and fast rule buit if your making sites regular you see averages.

Its pertinent to know this to know whether i can leave the t1s small as is with only a cpl of iteractions of exact anchours or if i have to build more t1s so they will show up in top 100 before building out my t2s
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