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Why do a most of my kws often tank and not return on sites?

I don;t think its a penalty, cos it would be the whole site wouldnt it well maybe its a penalty but not a sitewide one at least? I have had many whole sites tank totally so know what to look for when that happens. Suddenly all kws go or maybe the homepage will replace one or two of them.

In this instance tho the kws will disappear and sometimes they will return for a couple of days at the same rank or a few places lower then dissappear agian but mostly they go for a month or more show up for a day or so then are gone agian for another month,

I notice this when a site is new and there arent many links of course its sitll getting on its feet but this seems a constant thing and more and more these days.

What seems to happen is the kws start off ok, will gain rnaks for maybe 3 weeks then slowly but surely one by one they drop off the map till i have only about 3 kws out of maybe 20 total; and of those 2 or 3 they are only ranking in the 20s and 30s. That is pretty much the total sum of my 'success' for the past year or more. Sites make a little sputter in the rankings then just slowly get choked to death in the following months till i give up on them (before you say it ive also tried to keep blasting them to no avail) and try a new site and the same thing happens again over and over.

Im always building links consistently to them so its not for lack of links. Im also always trying out new linking style (except whitehat ofc) but always the same shit.

It would be ok if i was on page one for some kws before tnaking ut i never get there so its kind of pointless. The only consolation I tell myself is 'im leanring more every day' :(.


  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    What about link loss, have you looked at the number of links gained vs. lost over time?

    I see the opposite by the way. I see a steady increase from launch, and either the site doesn't improve upon that, or it suddenly jumps up for all pages overnight. For every 3 sites that don't work, 1 does. You have to keep launching and trying again and again.
  • edited May 2014
    Nothing new there then :(

    Linkloss might be an issue since before i was only running at very slow burn lpm wise not getting above 14 lpm, and also not indexing any links except for the natural index rate of 5-10%, its only in the last week or two that i refreshed everything, reverified my db and redid my performance platforms. been getting 250-350 since then.

    Also fixed the indexing issue the the last few days so i guess its too early to see the results of those changes, fingers crossed.
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