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Smart PR Update

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
@Sven I think I have an idea to save time when it comes to PR Updates. Could you implement a feature were lets say if someone decides to do a PR Update. GSA ask you if you would like to check the domain update, else page.

Instead of having GSA go through each and every link while updating, you could simply implement the "Smart Update Feature" which would simultaneously scan previously  updated domains  and assign a PR.

For example,

From what I see, the way GSA is currently set-up it goes through each and every link, even if the domain is the same.

This seems pointless since if the domains are the same why dose GSA continue to check? 

I think the Smart PR Update should be a default feature, it only makes scene to implement this since it would save a tremendous amount of time/proxy's when checking PR especially if you have a huge list of URL's to check PR. 


  • SvenSven

    Thats not true.

    The program saves every gathered PR in a cache (that cache however is not saved when the program restart). So once a PR of a domain is made, it is taken from the cache instead of asking G. again.

  • Ahh, ok. From the looks of it seem like it was still checking them one by one.
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