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Article Spinning Services Recommendations?

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Just wondering if anyone uses or knows of a good article spinning service?  Manual sentence & paragraph spinning using unique seed articles would be my preference.  I've spun articles before, but the thought of doing it again myself makes me ill ;)


  • Well I don't know about service, but how about The Best Spinner? :)
  • Well, yea, I know about the different spinning software out there.  I have a beta copy of ChimpRewriter that I rather like.  I'd just rather not have to do the manual spinning my self.  It's such mind numbing work, that if I can find someone else to do a decent job at a decent price I'll jump at it.
  • Sounds like you could use the hybrid spinner :) shameless plug I know, but that's why I created it, makes creating spun documents so much easier....
  • Yes, I was following that thread as well. I was trying to get away from actually doing the work myself though.
  • @dogGoogles - I understand...what several of our customers do is use a writer to create the constructs for them. Given the syntax is so easy for them to simply rewrite the sentences, its very straight forward for both you and them to monitor the rewrites, agree a price etc.

    The best way to do this is for you to create 1 article on the topic you require. You then break down the article into rewrites using the HBS syntax and pass this to the writer. All they have to do is rewrite each sentence the amount of times you agree with them. An example of this approach is here within the user manual.

    I have a rather good and cheap writer that I call upon when I want to outsource - if you would like their details PM me for the info and you can also use them :)
  • "There is a service i have been using called Super Spun Articles. They are over at I have been really happy with the quality of the articles so far."


  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Also heard good things about
  • Yes, I NEVER write articles myself - not even articles for my website. I've used many people from oDesk. Now, you need to take time to find good ones who are cheap. But if you do enough work, I can tell you that you can find people who can do say one original article and say 5-6 sentence rewrites - all within spintax (or you can get them to do it line by line then use takeachance's Hybrid Spinner). All that can cost under $10 for a VA with pretty good English.

    I've spent hours (looking for people, training them, etc.) and spent thousands of dollars on odesk. You just need to take some time to find good ones. Not easy, but it's possible. There are tons of people on oDesk. Some charge high, some charge low.

    So if you're in this for the long-term, I recommend you spend some time on Odesk - if you're short on money and can't spend too much. You can get good deals there. But you need to train them and spend time with them. But if you don't have time, there are services available where you pay more but you don't have to spend so much time doing all the training and all. It may be well worth it - depending on how much your time is worth :)
  • my 3 best options:
    1- article kevo
    2- Hybrid Spinner
    3- Spinner Chief

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    I am the owner of However it is temporarily out of service.

    WOW! Thanks for the kind words Error404 and LeeG. This means a lot to me. Lee G is a legend around here!

    In response to what jonathanjon said. You could hire an ultraspun article writer from odesk but it is likely going to be someone from Bangladesh or India. Finding someone with a good grammar in that bunch is like finding a needle in a haystack. You will probably lose more money on incompetent freelancers than you will save. Even if you find one that has good grammar and you train them, there is no guarantee that they won't leave you. Save your time and just buy from us!...then you could just focus on marketing/link building.
  • Yes, I agree that it will take time to find one. I wouldn't say that the time I've spent is well worth it, but I've spent a lot of time and I've found some good ones. My time is probably worth more if I did something else than spent it on finding good outsourcers. So I don't always recommend people to go my route.

    But if you do go the oDesk route, don't get people from Bangladesh or India. They are not usually good. I find that African writers are the best followed by those from Philippines.

    Or SuperSpun prices are pretty decent. Not the cheapest, but a decent price. I haven't tried their services yet.
  • @SuperSpun : Is you service available again or still closed ? I need high quality article writing and spinning do be done for some projects.

    @Jonathanjon : you said "there are services available where you pay
    more but you don't have to spend so much time doing all the training and
    all". Can you recommend some ? 
  • some of those services work with GERMAN too?
  • And other languages like Dutch?
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    @arkant1 To answer your question.... Super Spun Articles is now open again!

    We don't do dutch or german...sorry.
  • You can try this tool made by me: Free article spinning. It support readable level, html and protected words. Give it a try.
  • There is this service, i've not used them before but they're on my bookmarks as I may give them a go one day.
  • Good to know above mentioned article spinning service provider. But nothing compares to . They are the best of what you are looking for. Check for their great reviews and testimonials from their highly satisfied clients.
  • So far I think this is the best Look at the proof - the number of orders, the comments, etc.
  • for english, wordAi has good rep in BHW
  • I used to be the Best Spinner customer for a few years, but now switched to Spin Rewriter. Much better readability. However if you need other languages than English stick with The Best Spinner.
  • I only use made by me :D
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