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*NEW* Easy Hangout Blueprint Learn To Dominate ANY Niche & Rank Page 1 For 100s of KWs

Learn How to Dominate ANY Niche and Rank 100s of Keywords to Page 1

 At June 6th prices will go up!

This is a live training course that will show you how to use Google Hangout and Youtube to rank videos to page 1. Backed by scalable results and five figure sales of this product, you do not want to miss out!

If you are want something that works, and will bring you sales from local clients then wait no longer. Using this system we have created and sold a Google hangout channel for $30,000.

 You will be getting amazing results using ONLY 1 video, that ranks for 100s of keywords. If you are a marketer, you know this will help you tremendously for lead generation.

Easy Hangout Blueprint will effectively help you dominate the SERPs so you can start a lead generation business, promote affiliate products, or even rank your own services for optimal sales!

What Is Included With This Course?

A series of recorded webinars sessions that shows you how to:

  • Create A powerpoint video for marketing purposes
  • Rank your video for 100s of keywords (local, affiliate, and competitive keywords)
  • Use The Custom Youtube Ranking Template
  • Use The Massive Keyword List For GSA
  • Post to Web2.0 networks using Rankwyz 
  • Post to Web2.0 networks using FCS 
  • Scrape URL lists using Scrapebox
  • Scrape URL lists using Gscraper


  • You Get A Starter Kit of 100k Verified GSA List!!
  • GSA Youtube Ranker Template (not found anywhere else)
  • Huge Keyword list (1 Billion Russian Kws, 600 Million English Kws, other languages)

This is easily worth well over $297 our original price of these course. You simply can't expect to get results like we do without these extras.

Get in while you can for the low introductory price of $197 (valid until June 6th, 2014). 
Original Price is $297.

Take A Look At This Example…These Are Results That YOU Can Expect!


We also have an advanced course for more experience users.


What You Get With The Advanced Course?

  • GSA Website Ranking Template (Penguin/Panda Proof) With Webinar
  • Training about how to rank any property including Press releases, Web 2.0 Sites, Yahoo Answers, Anything!
  • Advanced Private Blog Network Training Webinar
  • Follow up with question and answer session Webinar
  • Advanced Techniques to find targets for GSA.
  • Super Secret location for getting clients.
  • Holly`s wish list of 200 plus niches.
  • And So Much More!
The price for the advanced course is currently $247. For a limited time get it for $127 (valid until June 6th, 2014) 

You will automatically be sent instant access details by email after purchase. Refunds are not available still this is LIVE training.



  • For buyers who went with advanced course, please note you'll need basic course first before you can get access to advanced.
  • Are these videos?
  • @jonathanjon Yes these are recorded videos.   
  • Seems way pricey has anyone here dealt with you on this? i mean id be interested if all that is true and there is not ALOT of upsales and other cost on top of this.
    But ive tried hangouts in the past and to me they rank no better then any other video.
    Also you mention local keywords and the picture is local keywords a Kinder Gardner  can rank those have you got any tough keywords ranked? and im not talking about local.

    Show me some proof and reviews and ill signup .Pm me if you want 
  • Another thing is that this product seems to be quite old....1-2 months' old. The update was just late last month so I'm not sure how relevant this is
  • edited June 2014
    @wackiin I don't believe the prices are too high as the bonuses itself would easily be worth the money. You get a 100k list, 1 billion keyword list for scraping, and GSA youtube ranker template. On top of that you get nice tutorials showing you how to utilize what you have and dominate the SERPs. 

    I'll PM you in a bit.

    @jonathanjon It still works and highly doubt the update changed much if any for this course. 

  • edited June 2014
    Prices are now back to normal and it won't drop anytime soon unfortunately. 

    This system works especially well for heavy GSA users with good lists if you want to hit heavy hitting terms. The starter list will give most users out there opportunity to rank in local niches. 

    The course also show some secrets to get better overall rankings by using Google Hangouts. 

  • I bought this course a while a go, and the training gives an edge to those looking to rank Hangout videos. I’ve been successful with ranking a few hangout videos and this course has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing although a little expensive, it's worth every penny!!
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