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SolidSeoVPS - Exclusive GSA Forum Members ONLY - $39.95 Xeon 1220v2 8GB Dedicated Server



  • I bought this few days back and happy with the server.

    Keep up the good work.
  • glad to be one of the few that picked up this order. set up was less than 1 hour and support is always on top of the tickets.

    keep it up 
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    Thank you very your business, Glad all works great for you. Thank you for your nice feedback


    Thank you very much for your nice feedback, our pleasure to serve you. Thank you for your business.
  • Is This offer available ?
  • I really want this, can I still get it pleaseeeee!?!?!?! :/
  • Also interesting :)
  • will this be released any time soon like closer to the end of the month.

    Also for current customers on this dedicated server, what lpm, vpm are you seeing on it?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @Stranger geminiguy0890bradmca

    I am afraid this offer ends with this price which was $39.95 with Linux OS or $54.95 with Windows License, However its available for $64.95 with windows license now if you are interested
  • Is it possible to unsubscribe from forum threads?, makes me sad when I get emails on new posts to this expired one.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    You would need to ask an OP for that..
  • @solidseovps
    Happy costumer here, but I was wondering what is the procedure here if I want to upgrade to 4 cores package(i am currently on 2 cores package), just paid invoice today. I mean would you assign me a new VPS and I will have to install all my software again, or you will just alocate more cpu and ram from your software?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    Thank you for your interest in our services, We have answered your support ticket.
  • @solidseovps, can the cost of windows license be removed if i used mine instead?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @stranger its not possible
  • @solidseovps

    "However its available for $64.95 with windows license now if you are interested"

    How much more for a US/Canadian IP?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    mcscappum this offer was in europe

    if you want you can check our NA series on our website

    Additional ip is $3.5USD a month
  • @solidseovps Why so much more for a Canadian/US location?

    I've gotten some "old client" discounts with each upgrade and need a dedi but a base Windows dedi at $100/month is pretty steep.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    Thanks for the update, Well the ips is expensive now, we dont make even 10 cents on it..So its pretty much the price we get from the datacenter is what we provide to you
  • @solidseovps

    If Im in the US and the server is in Europe is there a huge lag on RDA?
  • I am in the US and my Dedi is in EU there isn't much lag @mcscappum ;
  • @solidseovps, where is the 64.95 package? can't seem to find it
  • @solidseovps .... I go your server 7 days back and since then i am using it 24/7... this is the best sever i had... very fast and support is extremely far no issues... highly recommended
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    Thank you for the nice feedback, Our pleasure and thank you for your business.
  • @solidseovps
    Just ordered. So far I was very happy with the vps I have from you.
    But I need something bigger
  • jameshubjameshub Always on the move
    Nice offer! Just purchased with windows 2008
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited July 2014

    We are deploying your dedicated servers now. Thank you for your business.
  • I'm using SSD200 and is really a strong machine.

    Before I was getting 80% a lot of time of GSA use CPU.

    Now rarely get 50% with a lot more projects :)

    Thank you
  • luckskywalker, i am using same SSD 200 machine and getting good results. Planning to buy 1 more server soon.
  • could you contact me via Skype: search.simplicity
  • I tried to order but I am not listening phone calls to verify because signal is bad  .. I opened a support ticket id 577605 ! Please help
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