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best secondary Captcha killer?

Hey I am looking to buy a secondary captcha breaker for GSA.

Which do you guys think is currently the best one with price in mind?

I am thinking to buy spamvilla.


  • I recommend Reverseproxies OCR after trying them all.

    It also solves a lot of other captchas, for example Mollom.
  • It is actually the only I've tried, I received about 30% success. Cancelled the subscription to look for something better.
  • @supermanden, it really depends on your proxies.

    If you have good proxies and not getting much blob captchas, you'll be fine.

    Another thing to consider - recaptcha changed fonts and ALL OCR providers have to train their systems for 2-3 weeks.

    You won't get a better solve rate with others for now.
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