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is it possible to merge the .epp?

I have a done a few different searches with similar keywords, is it possible to merge 2-3 .epp (project files) into one so that no emails occur more than once before I convert it into a CSV? (it seems to be that computerized id of multiple occurences are only avaliable within the spider, if someone knows any program that can scan excel or gnumeric, then i would be interested.  if anyone know any other ways to edit and organize projects smoothly some input would be very much appreciated.

ps: is it possible to run a csv or excel spreadsheet back to the project space where the occurences are brought down to 1 in nr?

thanks for your attention


  • SvenSven
    You can append each of your *.epp files to to each other and it would still load fine.
  • Dear Sven,

    I am parsing from searchengines, the most obvious ones and all the settings seem to be ok, still the result is zero, how come? did I overlook something obvious. I know I ran with proxy on a search engine and that might have  restricted the search but now I run without and still there is no result. what could be the reason?
  • SvenSven
    Sorry I don't know your settings. If nothing helps try Project->Reset Config.
  • I set my setting to default, then I check: analyse javascript...., skip whole domain when item was found..., detect and remove fake emails.......and autosave after 5 minuttes. in extradata I check discover country and whenever I search url I add the random proxy list. when I use serachengine I put a very general keyword for a very common search engine for the country I want to parse from and still there is no result. how come, I am sure there is a logical explaination, are there any screenshots for recommended settings maybe?
  • edited May 2014
    since my searces were great in the beginning and now they are nothing, could it be that they I am blocked? if I am, how can to proceed with my searches, adding proxies?
  • SvenSven

    The default settings are usually the once I recommend. Anyway yes you can be blocked by search engines. I would check into that and maybe use proxies. But you better not use public once but bought once.

    Discover country/city takes a lot time and recources. You might want to skip that if not really needed.

  • ok, thank you. I will look into this. What do you mean by discovering country/city? I never saw an option like that seperate from checking the searchengine with flags. is that what you mean? then how to uncheck? by choosing all of them or go for the international ones?
  • SvenSven
    on options->extraData you must have that checked don'T you? 
  • yes right now it is checked, so I unchecked it now, and check take search keywords
  • how does it work? if I run a search in an engine without proxy vs running with? what is the pros and cons?
  • SvenSven
    anonymous is the pro :) costs are the cons.
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