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Thinking about installing search engine ranker on windows 8?

edited November 2012 in Need Help
Don't bother, it does not work properly for more than around an hour before the SER UI freezes and you have to kill SER. Running in Win7/XPsp3 modes does not seem to change matters much either......

Keep running with windows 7 which it happily runs on.

Everything else I have runs OK on 8... this is just frustrating... 



  • Now I notice winamp doing the same thing.... meh... windows 8 bug to fix
  • I don't know if this is related or not but i was unable to register/activate SER on w8 also, it would accept the code and all, but after the app restart it would still say i was not registered.
  • pisco - check you are running as the administration or think about installing in a different folder to program files
  • Thnx i'll try those and see if i have any luck
  • Any updates on Gsa with win8? my machine burnt out n im planning to get a new laptop with win8. Anyone using gsa on win8?
  • for those wondering, it worked just fine on windows 8, i just needed to upgrade my graphics card so the OS was happy - went from a 2006 aged card to a cheap £20 radeon, now it's all good for a while
  • ty bradmca
  • Is anyone having luck with win8? my engines keep unchecking themselves. Am I going to have to wipe my new box just to run GSA?
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