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Imorting Urls

Hello, I tried to search for this topic but I found no answer simple enough to satisfy my beginners need I am new to Email Spider and I have following question:

How do I import urls?

I tried to load a list of urls from a txt file but nothing happens. the scan ends with 0 result which means it hasnt enter the urls at all.

my need is to start the search from multiple url, any help would be appreciated but please go easy and try to use beginners langauge, I need to learn the technical terms one by one


  • SvenSven

    1. use the option "use URL as Start"

    2. import urls using Project->import->urls

  • thank you, so for now I load lists manually meaning that I go to a seach engine, type my keyword and one by one I collect links and make a list in a txt file. are there easy ways to build a list using the email spider?
  • SvenSven
    Why would you do that? You can use the keyword directly in the program and it will do the search + visit every URL returned by search engines.
  • Ok, I understand. I tried this but it seems like the search is sharp in the beginning and then it starts parsing very wide, it sticks to the country and then it goes abroad. When I put in a list it seem to stick to the topic, I did many searches and it starts parsing antivirus programs which is not what I want. what I want is to find all yoga studios in Scandinavia. If I could manage to customize the search to target accurately then it would be super good !
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