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Catchall (your opinion)

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I've been thinking a lot about catch all (and just sett up one catchall domain for testing)...

But, if we use to catchall, isn't that more traceable
(leaves a bigger footprint) then changing everyday email other hotmail

What do you guys think?

Advantages of catchall:
* easy to setup
* MUCH higher success rate (so I've heard/read)
* you don't have to think about blacklists

* HUGE GIANT footprint

Can anyone help me to resolve why SHOULD I use it, or why I should not use it?

Also, if I use for ALL my projects, do you think if that's good idea? Or let's say 10 project per

Any input is welcome.

Thank you!


  • SvenSven
    thats not really a footprint as the email is usually not visible to visitors of the site you submit to.
  • Oh yeah but I wanted to say that it's sort of footprint or how to say for people who are reporting emails to sites that you use in GSA SER as blackmail check (for email)...

    I'm sure that when I go and register on site with:

    With 5 different campaigns webmaster will surely notice domain...

    But if I do that with:

    he will actually have no idea who actually I am...

    Or maybe if I set let's say 7 .info catchall domains and randomize them for let's say 30 projects that will not be so bad...

  • I know where your coming from. The trick is to have several tlds for your catchalls not just one. There are several threads here giving you suggestions on how to get more for no financial outlay ;)
  • I've read them all. :) Just thought to go and try to setup couple of .info domains let's say 3 or 5 for 10-15 project and give it a go that way?

    What do you think as really experienced users on this field? What would be good solution but with paid domains? I mean based on ratio domains compared to projects?

    How many free domains were you using with for forwarding with how many projects approx? :)
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    well my take on this get a web host that allows to house multiple domains. I have one that will allow me to put my 100 domains on 1 host. I've actually seen web hosting that will allow unlimited domains.

    anyway, then create how many domains you want, 10 or 50, and have all those eMails for the domains you created to be forwarded to a catchall email for that host.

    then on the eMail option for the GSA Project spin the e.g. {.....}@{||}. also don't forget to configure the right pop3 server of the catchall eMail id.

    the possible footprint on this is the IP Address since all of the domains in the spin is from the same host therefore will have the same IP address.

    However, I wonder if for say you have different hosting for a set of domain and all of the eMails coming into those domains are forwarded to another host that will act as the pop3 server that will be used by all of the projects in GSA SER.

    In this case the eMail IDs will have somewhat different IPs, so less footprint. You can go as far as 1 domain, 1 hosting but it could become to expensive.

    Will GSA SER can handle this kind of configuration ? @sven ?
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    Here is one more idea, go and setup catchall to point to one hotmail account, so you will have catchall for projects, but GSA will be checking hotmail account. :)

    Now this opens one other question, if I have 1 project I can actually use only ONE domain for that project as all email will be forwarded to ONE account that GSA is going to check...

    @Sven Actually what does GSA SER email verify does?
    JUST click on links or there is more? If it JUST clicks on verify links that's all cool then I can setup and mix everything up?

  • not sure if using HOTMAIL as your 1 POP3 server for all projects. It will be hammering HOTMAIL very hard.
  • SvenSven

    @LWD on email verification it will 

    1. open all urls belonging to a submitted link or registration

    2. extract logins/passwords or other data thats required for the next step (login, url to continue...)

    3. collect links in case verification of submitted links is done this way.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @takeachance - what do you think about using one catchall per website/group? I haven't got round to testing this yet. 
  • @globalgoogler I tend to use one catchall per project rather than per website. So far I have not had any issues at all and if you consider I only run 4-6 projects at any one time with 30 odd catchalls they get a good airing between uses.
  • How many eMails does your 1 catchall domain is receiving daily ?

    Does the site ever blacklist a domain as supposed to just an email ?

    Because the footprint it creates for using 1 catchall domain per project is that all eMail will have 1 IP address. Not sure if the site admins check IP address or just email ID.

    What is your experience in regards to this ?
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    I have used catchalls for years and for the life (so far) of GSA and none of them have been 'blacklisted'. My advice is spread them around and chill out :) - remember what our final goal here is and that of course is ranking well in G.

    The footprints you speak of are remote to say the least and most admins aren't going to bother to go to the lengths to identify an IP and email domain. At the end of the day, the risk is blacklisting an email address and NOT getting our sites penalized.... ;)
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