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Serpcloud API Key


I want to know about Serpcloud API Key in Option. After i register but i cannot find my api key.



  • Same here.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but @extremeboy might be the only one being able to help.
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    @sven thanks 

    API key is available on that page make sure you are logged in account of SERPcloud:

    API Only available for all paid accounts not for Trail .

  • extremeboy 

    Only reason I signed up is integration with GSA. 
    If I can't test that no point in using your trial :)
    Hope you reconsider
  • I login and go to url but it's not show API keyimage
  • I use paid accout lite plan.
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    Thanks for informing sir basically it's really affordable goes if you will use lifetime coupon code attached with gsa 

    Shoot me your account email id i will look into it thanks 
  • @extremeboy

    I just send pm to you. Thank you.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Subscribed to lite plan for test .. added API to ser .. Added keywords as spin tax {keyword1|keyword2} or how can i add mulitiples ? and didnt see those are in my account 

    can you explain how to do this with SER ?
  • SvenSven
    Use a comma to add more than one keyword.
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    regarding your pricing :-

    why would someone buy a pro account , when he can achieve it with two plus accounts and save 15 dollars :P .

    Anyways pricing seem great . will give a try to your lite package .
  • tam069 

    Replied thanks :)

    Thanks for answer :)

    You are right you can achieve by buying two plus packages and save  $15 but you can't do that as each account have 1 Package possible and also we have many major addons coming soon which will have limitations on every package then you will must need those packages ;)

    Thanks though sure give it a try and it's fully worth it's price i can tell you that :)


  • vkp1988vkp1988

    Just ordered . Insert api to ser . Add my URL and keyword in ser . When i check serpcloud dashboard i cant see anything . Can you do a tutorial or explanation . Also will be great if we can check stats on SER too :D 
  • vkp1988 

    Thanks alot for an order.

    Sure basically our official tutorial is in progress we will luanch it soon with full details :)

    For now i am Pming you some basic info to use it.

  • Maybe you post how to use it.

    I just test but not have anything!!
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    PM sent you with details right now Tutorial in proccess to be done thanks :)
  • I set it 2 day ago. I cannot see anything on my GSA tracking.
  • SvenSven
    you might have to edit the project again and click OK to get it added.
  • @tam069

    Make sure you have added the GSA to most recent update as GSA need some tweak and it's done re do what @sven said and see :)

  • Sure i update and edit it? but not have any thing in tab.
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    I just used your API on my end and added same Yahoo games url and keyword it parsed to your account and showing you can see your self too and delete if you wanted..

    I think GSA need update to add the keywords after edit with new OR change anything.

    Sven attention need thanks.

  • SvenSven
    the keywords are updated as well as the url if you make changes.
  • @sven @tam069

    For confirmation thanks :)

    If any help need let me know @tam069
  • extremeboy i just purchased it,
    but i dont know how to use it.

    i inserted the API key in SER
    but i see no change.

    i bought the Lite plan
  • @girmal5 Thanks for purchase.

    Pm sent you with detailed info :)
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    can you import URL's from the data tab URL field or can you only add 1 URL at a time? I know tiered structures wouldn't work because that's too many URL's, but sometimes I just load all my pre-made T1 links into the URL data field.

    For example what if I have 5 URL's I'm building links to. Would I have to create 5 different projects to track the rankings for each URL.

    Also would the keywords be counted again for each URL I'm tracking even if it's the same keyword? If so that'd be 5 URL's times 20 keywords each.  @ 5 URL's and 100 keywords?

    I can't wait for a manual or a video to come out. so Excited!

  • @Silverdot

    Thanks for an interest.

    Can you clarify you are saying for OR SERPcloud with GSA?

  • What's the difference? Either way don't my questions still apply?
  • @silverdot

    Basically have all things possible you asked.

    But with GSA there is some things need to be done as per our talk with @sven it's starting of Integration many things to come on it also from time to time  :)

    That's why!
  • Ah OK. That makes sense now.

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