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Can't Import Huge Email Lists

I have lists of about 280k email lists in CSV format that when i try to import i only get 9k emails. The verification process is also way too slow. I tried buy private proxies and increasing the threads but with no luck. Please help me out setting up your software.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    You're trying to import 280,000 emails into 1 project? Why? Definitely unnecessary and a bad idea. They should be in .txt format but that is way too many emails. I drop like 2-5 in a project unless more is needed for scheduled posting. 

    For verification you can adjust how how often you want it to run through the verification process in the project options. 

    The option "When to verify". You can set it to custom time then adjust how often you want it to verify (x minutes)

  • Actually its not a bad idea and there was a problem with the file. I just imported the 280k emails and added about 500 working proxies and maxed the threads. Im getting a 50% good result which is not bad for me with that much emails :P loving this software now. The issue was the proxies with the slowness
  • Were these proxies private, or were they scraped off somewhere?
  • I used proxyEvil ta scrape proxies the whole night. I bought some private proxies but sending emails were blocked on em so yeah
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