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import target urls

What exactly happens when I import target urls list for a 2nd time into a project?

Does the new list clear the previous one or adds to it?

Talking about two different lists of course:)


  • Adds to it. Unless you clear target URL cache first..
  • edited May 2014
    You can add the same site list twice, and it will double it. Same with different site lists.
  • How do I know Gsa has finished ploughing thru the list.

    In the window below it seems it is going forever.
  • Right click on project > Show URLs > show stats about left target URLs
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    @ezgoer - As mentioned, it literally adds behind whatever is left in the target URL cache. You import a list, and you also have sitelists turned on to wherever you store your list.

    In theory, if you run out of targets, it should then go to your sitelists and start processing them. What I have found through trial and error is that for more links, it is better to just run the imported list for most of the day, stop ser, switch all projects to Active(V), give it an hour or two to verify, stop ser, clear cache, and then reimport the list into each project, and then activate all projects again. And then rinse and repeat. For whatever reason, I make a lot more links.
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