Google Penguin 3.0

Penguin 3.0 is coming, check this

Do you think we are going to be affected? I hope not. :) well best wishes to the staffs @sven, @s4nt0s and more


  • SvenSven
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    All speculations. Noone except G. knows when they try to fight SEO even more to get the pockets filled with more money from there adwords system.
  • @Sven but do you think we can still rank using gsa tools?
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    No @iSagani, link building is once again going to die, and nothing will work. It's time to abandon ship and flip burgers.
  • @fakenickahl for real? no kidding?  we can't rank anymore using GSA Tools?
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    I take it you're new to SEO. What I wrote is something you'll hear people saying everytime there's a major G update, hence link building is again going to die.

    Sure no one knows what will happen other than the big G, but I'm sure that as long as backlinks are a major ranking factor and SER is able to build backlinks then SER will be good for ranking.
  • @fakenickahl I understand it better now :) thanks! :)
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
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    Well since SEO is going to be fully dead with Google Penguin 3.0, to save everyone LOT'S of money, just send me all your websites, niches, sitelists, SER software, etc, and i'll take it all over. I'll spend what I have left for SEO then go get a regular job I guess. 8-}

    So save your money now and transfer everything to me before it's to late and you have nothing left. Afterall, SEO is dead anyways. 
  • @Trevor_Bandura not for me I guess I have to study Google Algo again... F*cking G!
  • Satans_ApprenticeSatans_Apprentice
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    @isagani: What you need to study are the anchor text profiles of the sites at the top of your niche. Then duplicate them.

    This is an arms race. As Google evolves, you need to evolve as well. You need to have multiple sites in your niche's pipeline in various stages of development. Sites crashing and burning is part of the cost of doing business. Every 60 days or so, launch 2 sites, and treat them differently. Don't put all of your eggs in 1 basket.

    Don't do the same things for every site. Vary your anchor profiles. 
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    @isagani there are some really experienced people on this forum, if they are not panicking then there is no reason for anyone else to. GSA is a fantastic tool, you don't have to use it to spam. You can run a pretty good 'white' hat campaign with it (it is just going to be a much quicker white hat than if you wait for things to happen naturally). Talking of which is using any tool to assist in link building you should try and use the tool to to make things look as natural as possible. i.e. don't have a gazillion links pointing straight to your money site, make sure the articles you use are good and read well, think how something can go viral and try and emulate that experience as best you can in as natural a way as possible. I believe that if you think like this, then it doesn't matter if it is penguin 10.0 there is still going to be a way for us to rise above it! 
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    Do you ever watch Discovery Channel or National Geographic?

    Sure enough, penguins and pandas are two intelligent animals but in the real world, do they actually ever outsmart apes? :))
  • @bangkoklad Farmer's aren't the brightest of people either... :)

    Hope you're safe in BKK dude, I was there during the last one. Not really fun at all.
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