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Re-Captca Error in Captcha Breaker

So I been using for along while now.

Just stepped up one of my packages to 100 private proxies now.

Installed SER and CB on new machine and loaded them up. 

So i noticed the problem I got is that alot of the proxies are not fed to CB properly instead just a notification that says

"We're sorry. buyt your computer or network might be sending automated queries. To protect our users so can we not process your request right now. For more information visit"

I notified them and got a new fresh set of proxies and still had the same error. So I'm wondering if I'm the only one who have experienced this and if the error lies in the proxies.

i'm using a dedicated machine and running a 800 threads on 100 private proxies..



  • I am also getting this but only when using proxies. Would like to know if others are experiencing this as well and how to correct.

  • SvenSven
    The proxies are used for recaptcha downloading if you use them in "submission". Make sure the box is checked there.
  • DOH ;(

    thanks for the swift reply as always, not sure how I missed that detail.
  • edited May 2014
    I was just about to open up my own thread..


    And these are my proxy settings.


    I'm only using 10 private proxies right now, but does that mean that one ore more proxies are experiencing a (temp.) google ban and therefore get the error recaptcha? Or is my IP leaking?

    Also, I'm not using the 'Skip hard to solve captchas' option within SER.

    Any ideas @Sven?
  • SvenSven
    your proxies are banned simple as that.
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