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100k backlinks , how is it possible with GSA ser

I read couple of threads on BHW and people write about churn and burn method, saying they spam to hell their blogspots posting 100k backlinks to rank for medium keywords. I'm runnig GSA for a week 24/7 and got 7k verified backlinks, i'm getting 6-10 LPM, first day i posted 3k verified links, but every next day verified links increased slower and slower. I bought 50k verified links list on fiverr and got 5k verified backlinks insted of 50k. All domains was unigue. How is this possible to get 100k verified backlinks. It would take 1 year or more.
I also tried to scrape guestbooks lists with screpebox and then load them into GSA, but still got 6-10 LPM WTF?


  • Verified lists on fiverr are so badly abused they often yield very poor results in comparison to lists sold on here with limited number of buyers..
  • yes, its possible if u have

    - win dedi server with good specs and high speed net conn
    - private proxy
    - good list

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