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Download failed? Unable to test proxies

simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca

I have no idea what's going on again today. That happens once in a while...
Right now, I'm unable to test proxies against Google nor against Bing. I've used 3 different private proxies list
from 3 different services. But that, I'm used to this cause it happens quite often.

The problem is that GSA is running extremely slowly and I keep on having lines stating "dowload failed (proxy...)"

(I have checked and GSA was made Window Firewall exeption)

Also, I know my verified list is about 2 months old but I'm running the same list on my second licenced GSA and
it works fine...


  • SvenSven
    Make screenshots of your proxy setups. Maybe you made a mistake here or there. This looks like a proxy issue to me.
  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    Thank you @sven but, strangly enough, I didn't change anything but rebooted my pc and it now works.

    So, thanks again, I really apreciate the support each time I have a question. :o)
  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    Oops... it starts again! ;o(

    @Sven, here's a screenshot of my proxy setups (all shared private proxies were tested against Google):

    Fyi, I don't do no scraping at all, only posting.

    Any idea what's wrong with this? thank you
  • SvenSven
    Also a screenshot of proxy configuration dialog please.
  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    No problem, I'm a screenshot expert! lol

    and also the option tab even though I don't use public proxies:
  • I'm also seeing something very similiar.  My proxies and even not using proxies will show all download failed for about 30-40 mins until I restart and than they will work fine again for a while.  than it goes back to all download failed.

    I was talking with all morning as well and we went over every setting every proxy etc.  and all showed were working just fine on his end.  And everything seems to be just fine with Poweruphosting who I use for all my servers as well.
  • a few other thigns I have noticed.  No matter on what server.  If I have the threads at 200-300 and than turn them up to 700.  Instantly everything will also be download failed
  • @sven Any idea what might be causing these at all?  If you need to login into one of my dedicates to take a look please let me know. :)
  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    @hunar, there is a new update (version 8.43) but I don't know if it would fix this. I think the problem might come from Firewall or antivirus program...
  • Yeah I updated to the newest version but still seeing the same thing. :(

  • Resolved?
  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    Yes it is. I just don't know what was causing this issue.

    Thank you!
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