Random SER freezes during manual verification of 60k links, 14 projects

At 8.40, 14 active projects, my SER would randomly freeze for 0.X-7 seconds with no apparent reason during manual verification of 60k links. Mostly in 0.x-2 sec range.

CPU stays no more than 20%, avg. 10, memory no more than 1.2Gb, avg. 300. Threads fluctuate 200-500 at 800 setting. B/W stays at 100-150 mbit from 1Gbit with 250 guaranteed so its likely not that.

Log skips those seconds and all other applications [CB] are responsive which means it is not RDP. Server is pristine, not even Adobe flash is installed, only SB, SER, CB, Opera.

Anyone experience this behavior?


  • Just for information in case somebody happens to land here, to end topic "on major note":

    Studied problem for a while, It seems like DNS-related problem. I've not entirely nailed it yet, but things to try if you have something related include:
    • Monitor Events log to narrow scope of the problem
    • Flush DNS and try to compare performance
    • Change DNS
    • Latest Driver For Network Adapter
    • Disabling the DNS client in services control panel
    • Installing/Uninstalling system updates.

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