If I like a specific version of SER how do I back it up before updating?

Since sven doesn't keep copies of old versions for download and when updating I just do it through the green button how can I have the old version backed up if I want to revert back to it?

Yes I know there is the rollback to previous versions but that's no good if I update twice and we all know how quickly those updates roll out!

Im quite happy with 8.39 atm and would like to have it saved for future though Im still open to trying the newer versions I just want to have the option to go back to this specific version if/when I want, but likewise down the line too when I find another version I like and want to keep in the collection.


  • Just save a copy of the Search_Engine_Ranker.exe that you like and rename it as Search_Engine_Ranker_839.exe

    Then if you want to go back to it, just delete the current exe and replace with your renamed one (changing the filename back)
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    cherub simple as that eh :)? cheers.

    But when new versions are unpacking I often see they are overwriting other files than the .exe, so should this be a concern or would that just be updatingnon essentials like engines etc.?
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    I should only think it would be a concern if Sven makes major changes to how the engine .inis work or how data is stored in text files. Engines are definitely not non-essential btw ;)
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