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Importing target urls -normal urls vs root domains

Hello guys,

Over the last few days i was wondering if importing a url list into GSA versus importing only root domains will make a difference in the amount of verified links

I`m using Gscraper to build target lists of sites and normally my list contains urls instead of root domains.

If i will trim to root every target gscraper found do you think it will make a difference in the amount of verified links i can get from that list ?

So instead of importing i will only import

Has anyone tried this ? Maybe users with more gsa experience can give me an advice (@2take2 @gooner @ron)

Thanks in advance

Also feel free to provide some advice as well when it comes to scrapping. When i start build site lists using Gscraper i had great success (hitting almost 1k LPM), nowadays i`m getting a much much lower success rate even if i keep GSA "clean" (removing duplicate urls, domains, non-working sites, cleaning the submitted filed as well)  


  • Import 3 types of urls . Donaldbeck suggested this
  • goonergooner
    I would be very interested to see if it makes any difference at all.
    I suspect SER will get less links if you import root domains.

    Maybe you can import the list as is to one project, then trim it to root and import into a different project and see the difference between the two.

    Please let us know the results :)
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