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The Starter Kit - Learn how to use GSA SER to its fullest! Selling Verifieds ($30) & Data Packs $15

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Did you just start using this monster of a tool? Ready to dominate the SERPs and blast hundreds of thousands of backlinks to your desired target? I'll help you through and through with this simple service of mine. Here's what I'll provide you:
  • Verified Site List of over 77,500 urls ready to be posted to. 
  • A pre-made tiered project for a keyword of your choice!
  • Teach you how to use GSA SER for a variety of purposes.
  • Teach you the basics of scraping with either GScraper or Scrapebox.
  • Discount to future purchases (30% Discount)
  • Some extra goodies
    • Keyword List.
    • Link to some very useful tools.
    • Daily Upload of Scraped Links.

Let's highlight each one of them:

Starter Verified
(Can Individually be Purchased)

About 30% used ReCaptchas, Mollom & other captchas that Captcha Breaker does not support yet. Used ReverseProxies OCR for backup captcha breaking. No Exploits, RSS, Indexers, URL Shorteners or Referrers that inflates the list. 77566 Verified URLs with 68754 Unique Domains.

Maximum Users per List - 50.
New lists during the 1st & 16th of the month!

GSA Crash Course
Now I'm not going to lie to you, you can get this information for free around the board. However, some of you may not just have that time in your hands to dig deep and search for those golden jewels. Let's make your GSA SER efficient and fast! So here's what I'll be doing.

Everything will be done through TeamViewer (if you wish, if not, I can send over the project files.) & Skype.
  • I'll be explaining what each option does and what's the best use for it.
  • I'll build a series of engine selections. (Contextuals, Bombs (Every fast engine checked), Clean Bomb (Only those that gives you your desired anchors) & Diversity.
  • I'll build you an Option file for different purposes. (Tiered Link Building, Blast, Web 2.0s, Edu/Gov, Blog Comments, Diversity)
  • Tips & Best Practices.
  • Answer your questions.
  • After a month, I'll update your engine selections based on the performance of each engine in your campaigns. This will lead to higher efficiency & higher VPM. (Submitted vs Verified > 10%)
I'll be teaching you how to scrape with either Scrapebox or GScraper.
  • Teach you the basics of scraping.
  • How you can expand your 10,000 comment list to 500,000 easily.
  • Taking advantage of Ahrefs & Google Advance Operators to mine backlinks.
  • NEW! Scraping is so last week, I'll be teaching you how to CRAWL the internet.
    • I'll be also giving you inurl footprints that should optimize your crawling experience.
Question & Answer
I'll answer any of your question regarding GSA SER, Link Building or anything under the SEO Sun. Support would be given through Skype or Ticket Support in our control panel. Reply might take up to 24 hours after the query. 

Data Pack Creation
(Can Individually be Purchased)

I'll build out pre-made projects that you can use for your real campaigns as well as serve as a reference for your future campaigns.
  • 15 Pre-Made Projects in this tiered format. (
  • Pre-filled Data Fields (using Kontent Machine). Just import & you're done!
  • 10 emails per project.
  • Indexer projects (Trackbacks & Comments) - They'll have 50,000 freshly scraped blog comments list on them for free.
  • Manually Spun Article for Tier 1 (Readable, flowing & unique) - 20$
  • Upgrade to 25 emails per project - $5
  • Custom Niche-Specific Data Field Content - 30$
Extra Goodies
We know people love bonuses so here are some of the extras that come along with the GSA STARTER KIT.
  • Keyword List
    • Almost a million in the English Language. Comes in two flavors: Split into 1,000 lines for each text file & Spun into a single line.
      • About 50,000 in each of the following languages.
        • Arabic
        • Chinese
        • German
        • Hindi
        • Italian
        • Japanese
        • Polist
        • Russian
        • Spanish
  • Links to some very useful tools & Web Apps
  • Daily Upload of Scraped Links
    • We'll be uploading fresh scraped & crawled links every single day. This are however unprocessed links and expect that you're only going to get a fraction turned into Verified Links.

To get 10% discount on the prices, please reply in this thread and I'll contact you directly for the discounts.
If you do not wish to avail of the discount, then please PM me directly.

Discounted Beginner Prices - Must have joined the forum after February 1, 2014.
GSA Starter Kit - 50$

Individual Purchase
Verified List Only - 30$
Pre-made Tiered Project Only - 15$

Planned Updates to the Starter Kit would include:
  • Modified Engine Files with more footprints that will also be more efficient.
  • Footprints generated by the most recent list.
  • Real-time synchronization of verifieds through Dropbox for better & fresher target sites.
  • Bigger Uploads for Fresh Scraped Links.
  • Researched content on link building straight to your inbox.
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