what platforms wouldnt you tick on tier 2?

i have been using all platforms for a long time now except the adult one on non adult sites. but in verfieds i see theres often alot of crap where i get verified and the link is jsut the root domain.

What ones would you guys leave out and why?


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    I just keep forum, blog, image, guestbook, microblog, trackback. Of course you can add in article, wiki and social network if bundling everything into one project. Some use URL shortener which is cool, but it doesn't get you anchor text as it is a redirect.  I think pingback, referrer, index and exploit are worthless for seo IMHO. Of course document sharing is a great T1 but hard to get, so why bother on lower tiers. Same deal with video, too few, so why tie up SER - too inefficient. Bookmarks are way too hard, and if you use them, they should be T1, so also massively inefficient. You won't get any Web2.0 unless you buy SEREngines, so again, way too inefficient. And I never bother with RSS.
  • @ron great, cheers. c + p'd for reference :)
  • @ron don't you find that things like image and guestbook aren't so good cos you can't do repeat posts on them cos they are all blasting to the same page rather than making a new page?

    Ive looked at some of my links on these before and it looks pretty sahmeful seeing pages and pages of my site on the guestbooks etc. Fine if it works but isn't it diminishing returns since you aren't making a new page with these vs things like articles.
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    @PeterParker - On lower levels it is all about volume, so I don't care about the quantity of repeat links. Remember, you are covering many platforms, and as you noted, contextual properties give you a fresh page. So you are covering all the bases.
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    @ron yes but isnt it a false metric to consider 10 links on the same page as individual links rather than just 1 link?

    I understand on the same domains when its a fresh page that it's ok to consider it an individual link but don;t see the rational behind having many links all on the same page.
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    You do get some kind of partial credit. No one knows the algo for sure. It has always helped me, that's all I can say.
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