Out of Memory, 1 project, 270 threads

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Guys, I am in need of some fresh thoughts on my current setup  :-?
Having tweaked engines a bit I've tried some dummy projects with these settings:

100 shared proxies, GSA CB 2 retries, no other captcha solutions, links are sent to LinkProcessor only.
Filter Settings:
Submitted and Verified lists are filled, no PR is checked.

Project options:
So no search, scheduling and filters. 
Engines selection:
SER v8.36 Dedicated server spec: Xeon E3 1230-V2 3.3Ghz , 16 Gb RAM. 1Gbit port.
That about sums it up. 

I launch 1 dummy loaded with 100000 targets from lists, 3 spintax Articles, 700-2000 symbols. 10 mail accounts. Project Data is basic stuff, nothing serious.
After 15 or so minutes - BAM - Out of Memory. CPU stays at 50-95, LpM about 230-270. Bandwidth stays around 100-250 mbit/s.

Project files sizes are nothing to write home about either as they are fresh. 

If I cut max download size to 5 mb. it fares a little better, then I add the second-third dummy and it gets an error soon after...

Any hints are appreciated.


  • Well Im really can't get my head around this...

    @Sven How can I diagnose my memory usage properly?

    Whenever I launch any decent project it start to grow at 50-150 megabytes each 4 seconds up until 1.3 Gb, then it moves to a faster pace at around 200-300 to 2.3-2.5, soon OOM follows. It may be more or less time, some dancing here and there, but generally 15-30 minutes is enough to bring it down. I'm sure it is not normal...

    Just about any hints or advice now would be appreciated

  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Doy you use scheduled posting?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    That sounds like a problem with your server. I run more projects and more threads on 1/10th of the server without issue. Always make sure you're running the latest SER engine, but I would ask your provider to reinstall the OS, I like 2012 more than 2008.
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