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Only root domain being used in links

I am running a campaign for a shortened url..., but instead of using the full url as the link it's mostly only just using

The option "use the root/main URL" is not selected... why is it doing this?  Can't figure it out.


  • SvenSven

    Make sure the project option to verify exact url is checked

  • Ok, I found the option for "Verified links must have exact URL" and it was not checked... I checked it now, hopefully this helps.  Thank you.

    This means that it will always use the full url when building the backlinks?  In what situations would someone not want it to use the full url?
  • donchinodonchino
    edited May 2014
    If you mouse hover the option, the explanation will appear: if you submit web 2.0 or youtube links for example, the option makes it verify your exact url, not the root domain that does not belong to you. If domain belonged to you, you might want to build links to root as well.
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