Fastest versions in your opinion?

I tried shunting threads up to 500 hundred and lpm jumped to 150 or so for a few mins but went back down again to 50 after a few mins!

I used to get 200 lpm no sweat on 300 threads no prob constant.

I have however switched all my projects to reverify every day including lower tiers so i imagine that will affect it- anyone know how much?

Anyhow id like to test other version that ppl purport to be fast ones.

Is tims 7.41 version a fast one? cos i ave that one.

What others? Plus links if you have them would be great :)


  • 8.38 seems to be crazy on my end
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I stopped trying to find the "fastest" version as each new version fixes bugs, adds engines and typically is better than the last. I do usually wait a day or two to update just in case there is a bug that gets caught.

  • ^^Excatamundo. I have no idea what people's setups are like but every version makes mine a little faster and a little less power hungry. 
  • Wow, you guys must have been lucky, that's all I can say. :)

    I respect both of your opinions, but I've seen some massive swings in performance between different versions, without having made any changes to the way I'm doing things what so ever (Like +/- 50k verifieds per day).

    When it does hit, it hits hard. lol

    That said, the latest versions are running very nicely, so thanks for that @sven.

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