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Edit all projects in a group at once.

edited May 2014 in Feature Requests
Firstly i'm sorry if you can already do this, i messed around with SER for a while and searched the board/google and couldent find it.

Basically I have one site where i'm trying to rank over 100 pages. Each page has its own project and they are all under one group. Is there anyway you could add a feature so I can right click the group title and select and edit option that will allow me to change the settings for submited/verfied urls per day and when to stop/pause the project ? It would need to keep the target URL and keywords/anchors the same for each project while updating the setting for the submitted rule.

It would save alot of time in the long run being able to edit this all at once instead of one at a time every few weeks when I update the daily link limit.

Edit - instead of just that single option is there a way to allow us to have access to the whole options tab and make changes for all projects in the group ?


  • You can edit multiple projects at the same time using notepad++.  @Ron recently produced a guide for subscribers to Serlists, so if you ask him nicely he might let you have a copy...
  • shaunshaun
    I subscribed last night, in the hope of getting a copy of their new list. I think the guide your talking about is one of them in my emails.

    I will have a read of it after lunch and see if I can workout how to do it, thanks for pointing that out :)

    Hopfully there will be a way to do it in SER in the future.
  • Just select them all -> right click -> modify -> edit only engines/options - that is if all the projects use the same platforms/engines. 
  • shaunshaun

    Man thanks for that! I was messing around with that setting but only had one project selected lol. Silly me.
  • be careful editing multiple projects in SER - sometimes it does random things.  Back up before you do it.
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    I can assure you that all sorts of bad things will happen. One of the first things that will go bad is the number of links you specify for each project will change.

    The last time I tried it it pretty much changed all boxes I had checked and reverted the settings to a new project if you used SER to create one from scratch. I had 3 hours of work to fix all my projects - one by one.

    I only use Notepad++ to edit multiple projects. It's fast, and it only changes what you tell it to do.

    And yes @davbel, thank you for mentioning that. You can subscribe to Advanced SER Tips and snag that - as well as a number of other tutorials - all for free.
  • shaunshaun

    Thanks for the help and the guide :) I signed up last night and have read the guide and downloaded notepad++.

    You support messaged me back saying a new set of lists will be available you know when roughly ?
  • goonergooner
    @shaun - You should of got another email from us about that, if not PM me :)
  • ye i got screwed up by edit only engines/options when it seems to wipe ALL the settings form the other projects if they are different changing the settings to the same shit as the last project in the list.

    i had a serious rage punching the air when i relaised that.

    However instea dof notepad there is a setting in the projects options called edit only one option or something like that and it is intedned to only do one setting as stated :P

    after the last disaster ive been scared to mess around with it tho :P but if you backup beforehnd there should be no harm no foul.
  • ronron
    edited May 2014
    @PeterParker - Yeah, the big issue was that everything got fuc*ed up when I did the single edit option. Allegedly, nothing bad was going to happen - but it fuc*ed up everything in my projects.

    So I say stay away from that method. That is my professional opinion, and an opinion I would give to my best friend. Use Notepad++. It is safer, and wicked fast. Plus it makes you smarter as you actually see what the hell is in these files. You will simply become a more educated user. And I think Sven would like to see that as well.
  • I just downloaded Notepad++, mainly because it was suggested here. But is the object of the exercise to be able to create saveable content in Notepad++ instead of just entering it in, for instance, the Article Manager, because it may get wiped out by some unforseen result of a setting?
  • ronron
    edited June 2014
    @velsytetra - I use Notepad++ to mainly change a few settings, usually the ones I tend to fiddle with the most. I would never really do it for articles or things like that. An example is disabling verification on all projects to let SER just post on lower tiers. Easy to do. You should sign up for and you will get our free tutorial on how to use Notepad++ as well as a number of other tutorials. It's easier to read that than for me to explain it here.
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