What should I save and use?

Sorry for the question but I'm just confused, on what lists should I save and use? Should I save failed, identified, submitted, verified or all of them? And if ever I want to import them, which of them should I import? Should I import them all? And how can I import them? Should I just click import lists from files or other? Thanks!


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    Save all apart from failed.
    Import verified to new projects.
  • @Khaos88 how can I import? I'll simply right click on a project then import links using file?
  • Import from site lists
  • are you saying copy all verified lists to notepad, remove all duplicate, save to verified.txt then import it to the project as verified.txt? am I right? @Khaos88
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    As you build backlinks, automatically approved sites will go into your verified list.

    1st. In gsa go to Options > Advanced and tick Submitted and Verified.

    2nd. When you have made a project. Right click, Import Target URL's and select From Site lists.
    Then select ONLY verified. After a few moments it will import your list and get to work on making backlinks on the approved sites from your list.

    The bigger the list the more places it has to post to.

    If you go to Options, Tools and remove duplicate urls then that will remove the duplicates from site lists.

    Do not remove Duplicate domains.

  • Thanks for that but I mostly do moving all links no 1 .txt file and import it, is it still okay?
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    Don't save Identified, Submitted or Failed. Only save Verified. You will never use the other 3, and you are wasting SER resources writing 3 files that are all crap anyway.

    Several times a week, Use Options>Advanced>Tools to clean out duplicate URLs and duplicate domains in your verified file. After a month or two (assuming you are a new user), turn on sitelists in your projects to use Verified. The verified file accumulates about 95% duplicate targets, so you need to clean it out regularly.

    An additional tactic after you dedupe is to import target URLs from Sitelists as suggested above. That helps a lot, but dedupe first.

    And yes, you remove duplicate domains. SER automatically removes duplicate domains only from contextual platforms, not blog comments and such, so you will never lose inner page targets. So let's clear up that confusion right now.  

  • @ron do you still suggest to save the submitted at least for the first month to compare the success rate against verification? So that you can turn off inefficient engines?

    And, I have a question about the identified sitelist. Do links from that port, when you set them to only read, gets deleted when they submitted?
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    I have found a few AA list that are in .txt format. How do I import them or convert them to .sl to import?

    Also above someone said NOT to remove duplicate DOMAINS? Any advantage to removing / not removing them?
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    @silverdot, just import them as text files instead of site lists, straight into your projects. Alternatively, you could clean your global identified list, use the "sort in and identify tool", and export the global identified list as a site list. However it makes very little sense to do so instead of just importing them straight into your projects as text files.

    It makes absolutely no sense to keep duplicate domains of any platform except image and blog comments. If anyone says otherwise they don't know what they're talking about.

    @bencrabara, of course you should save the submitted urls for a good amount of time if you wish to properly optimize SER. When you have it properly optimized, it doesn't make any sense to keep saving them though.

    No urls are ever removed from global site lists until you remove them yourself by removing duplicates or manually opening the engine files and deleting urls.
  • Thanks, my gsa ser has been choking for a week now, must be all the testing I make. Will redo everything then :)
  • @ron and @fakenickahl thanks for answering guys, I think I need to learn alot about SER, I'm very far away from you guys. :)
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