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TBS API not functioning

I would get  " all articles used - add more" notices in some of my projects in GSA. I added more like far more than article links posted before I would get the notice again... I have been using mass spun articles from both WAC and AB so to trouble shoot I opened project - article mgr - edit - used TBS API to spin on the spot - the titles, summaries or body did not change - it will just hour-glass freeze till I hit cancel and several moments later then give "no valid results" error report.

I contacted TBS they thought be a banned IP issue with them but after checking found out - not the case - they said if my PC desktop logs in and functions properly so should the GSA API - to follow-up here.


  • SvenSven
    For the dupe checking, just disable it if you are sure the spined content is good enough. One article (no matter how good spin) is counted as one article.
  • I need clarification:

    -  what is the dupe checking element? how to disable?

    - I am trying to understand - why do I get all articles used notification when I used a small percentage - how does GSA  count the number of articles used?

    - when I have mass spun articles per articles is GSA am I too assume the spinner is producing a unique spin each article till I get notification " all used - add more articles"?

    - am I not to assume TBS API is not working when it does as I explained originally in this string in edit mode or should it re-spin content - where I can visually see change?

    - lastly in article manager what is preferable adding mass spun content say 20 articles per article or 4 articles of say 5 pre-spun articles or 20 single articles individually?

    THANKS -

  • SvenSven

    - dupecheck: edit project->article manager->option at the bottom

    - It counts the usage by the article it takes from your article manager. Once verified it increases it.

    - no, read my previous message again - one added article is maybe producing unique content while posting X times everytime, though it's counted as one article every time by SER

    - your last point is a seo related question I can not answer.

  • OK - this addresses most of my questions.
    - the last point I was talking from the software best functionality perspective not seo - if what i now understand it makes little or no difference?
    - can an article be spun in the article manager from inside the edit button as it does have that option?
    - sorry for all the question I just want to understand the software - THANKS

  • SvenSven

    - it makes more sense to add sepeare articles not many in one spin

    - you can use the popiúp menu to spin on batch

  • edited May 2014
    thanks for your help Sven
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