Remove duplicate domains after Nth occurence? Or Trim to Root and duplicate.

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Is it possible to make Remove duplicate domains feature in Tools to be able to remove only those duplicates that occured Nth time and more?

This would allow to have a safeguard of sorts in our lists in case one link goes bad, is removed, etc. Should it happen when we had 2 links remaining for example, one would be bad but another one still be working.

Or maybe it is possible to take all links in a list, trim them to root and thus have 2 copies of the same target while keeping "engines assigned" to them? This would achieve the same goal.

What do you guys think? 

EDIT: Nevermind. Just remembered :(|) that it would bloat lists immensely with little gains. Please remove the thread or just ignore my babble.


  • Accepted Answer
    Trim URLs to root and/or last folder (i.e. could be useful for contextual platforms. 
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