I am very happy with GSA Family

nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at www.SERVerifiedLists.com

@Sven ; I left this on BHW and decided to Copy and Paste this as well . Cause I am very happy with what you do . I know many people saying it .Why not i can tell that too :)  I love you and your every single update :) (recently happened)

I don't come here very often ..And i don't leave feedback as well.

But here i already left a feedback and this is not about a feedback Cause we all know Sven and his company SUPER ROCKS! and that no one can beat!

This is about Sven latest updates ... I was worrying last few weeks due to some buggy versions which recently released.

But i have noticed recently almost every single latest update becoming more and more stronger GSA SER.

I have 2 copies of GSA SER and never worry what i have invested.

I LOVE YOU SVEN and S4ntos for all support .

PS : I decided to leave this feedback recently i have noticed many people complaining about lowering LPM and lack of contextual verifications with latest updates...

What i can say is

Everyday Sven improving this monster and last week my verification rate aroun 85% and LPM around 300 - 350 (all contextuals ) and this week it increased to 500 - 600 LPM plus good verification level .

GOOD JOB SVEN! S4ntos for all support!

Sorry for my English . I'm not English speaking girl.



  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    500-600 LPM? Can you show me your settings please? :D
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at www.SERVerifiedLists.com

    Nothing special .. I just use SER only for posting.  Running on 6gb screaming vps from solid seo. Threads 250 to 450 . NO PR checks..Even i dont check logs (only checking once a week)

    Nothing else. Just wanted to thanks @Sven for latest stable updates :)

  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    Wow that's amazing. Thanks!
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
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    Ahh thanks @nawshale for a positive feedback :) I don't read other forums (lack of time) so nice you pasted here as well.
  • edited May 2014 Accepted Answer
    amazing results, can u tell your proxy provider and from where u take site lists?
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at www.SERVerifiedLists.com

    Just buyproxies.org or solidseovps.
  • @Sven - I think @nawshale has a man crush. LOL

    Great job, Sven. You've got SER humming.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at www.SERVerifiedLists.com

    I am married to nice man :P

    (btw that doesn't mean that @sven is not nice

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Just noticed this thread. 

    @nawshale - Thanks for leaving that feedback in the BHW thread. It seems a lot of people will take time to complain about the small things, but don't take the time to leave positive feedback when things are going good so thanks for being someone who does that. :)

  • ronron SERLists.com

    @s4nt0s - You are right. People don't take the time to leave a compliment. Last week I wrote a really nice email/compliment to this wordpress developer just to let him know how valuable I thought his product was, and what a great job I thought he did. The guy wrote back and was almost in tears he was so thankful.

    I know I have mentioned it in a few other threads, but good ol' @sven has turned SER into a stronger beast than it ever was. I never hit speeds of 250-400 LPM like I am now. So I second @nawshale on what she said.

    p.s. - I don't want to compliment Sven too much because then he will just screw around in the Bavarian Alps thinking he's got it all figured out. But he gets a huge thumbs up from me.

    Cheers Sven  ^:)^

  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @ron - Exactly. Taking the time to write that email probably made that developers week/month and let him know that people out there appreciate his work. Good stuff. 

    Gotta say a big thanks to @ron, @satans_apprentice and all those people who take the time out of their day to contribute and help people here. You guys are the backbone of the GSA community. We might have lost our beloved @ozz but its great having you guys around.

    Anyways, enough with the love fest ... back to my projects. :)
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    Thanks everyone for the warm words. Keeps me going on and coding even faster ;)
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    I love @sven @ron @gooner @Satans_Apprentice. My favourite guys on the forum :)
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