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Question to all non-english SEOs

Hi fellows SEO, I am new to GSA SER and I am trying to optimize a couple of italian sites. It's pretty hard to get a good amount of article directories and other sites where to pubblish articles. Of course I can go with Web2.0s (ie SERengine), but I would like also to publish articles.

Would italian articles get published in english article directories? If so, would that harm somehow my ranking?

Any other tips to get non-english publish platform?

Thanks in advanced!


  • Yes you can publish Italian articles on English or any other language websites. The internet is an international community and you get links from all over the world :)>-
  • @allejot - yes you can and you should.
  • ok, my question was based on whether italian articles would get approved on english article directories, and whether G**gle may get suspicius on seeing links to an italian website from italian articles posted on english directory. Anybody else who tried something like this in french, german, spanish, dutch ecc ecc who has any experience to share?
  • @allejot Your articles will be rejected on any serious directory if they do not support your language. However, when posting with SER you should not be afraid of it. This is a number game. Post to many sites and some of them will get through due to passive/non-existent moderation or any other reason.
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