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NAVER EVER USE Berman Hosting Services!

My VPS Crashed!  X(

Guys! NEVER USE Berman Hosting Services! Even Support Team Don’t Understand the clients problem and never reply on time!   X(

Any good VPS Service provider here? Who can give me best service!


  • ive had 3 there for over a year and was no problems they sometimes take 24 hours to respond but over all was very good.
    I just recently went to Green Cloud here on the forums and must say ive been impressed will be moving 100% there soon 
  • I was with Bermann for a few months and then one fine day they shut my VPS done with no warning. They also kindly ignored all my support tickets. 

    On the 7th day I got a email saying that I had been upgraded to a magical new server, To Late!, but that time I had already moved to @solidseovps and they have a superb service. 

    I am also running a dedi at @greencloud and I haven't had any problems with them either.

    Bermann Hosting - Stay far away from them.

  • Bermann Hosting Not Good at All! After 3days they have replied on my ticked witch is nonsense excuse X( I am really dissatisfied.

    Anyways, now i have to switch to other VPS! I think i'll go with Solid SEO VPS this time. Lets see how it goes!


    Can GSA be run on a laptop ?? :D Actually i have a spare dell laptop with Pentium Dual Core 1.90GHz Processor and 4GB RAM, But i have got only 1MBPS  Internet Speed! Can i run GSA SER on it??

    What u say guys?

    Thanks! :)

  • @JVA24, of course you ran run SER on it, but if you like speed then you really shouldn't.
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