Filtering verified lists in gsa onece again

The previous thread I marked as solved, but still I really wait forward for that functionality, considering all features added in the past in gsa this one seems no big deal that can improve gsa work significantly. As I wrote in the previous thred, such filtering (ability to compare multiple lsits) can be helpful in situations:

1. In a verified folder we have urls from an expired domain we do not want to link anymore.
2. In an identified folder we have domains that are not safe to link to - as sending stopspamforum requests. It turned out after a while and we want to remove it from all files. Adding in the filter option for posting results in more time consuming posting.
3. It can be a great way to just filter files based on a multiple keywords/domains - better that can be done by scrapebox - as it only works with lists not bigger than 1 million results.

But I come to yet one more situation that I guess it's even more important than all those above mentioned and can result in an amazing gsa speed boost. I mean that we would be able to delete from identified folder all those urls that we submitted urls before so gsa will not spend time posting on urls that are submittable but not able to become verified.


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    You don't have to add each entry manually, you can go to options -> filters and add a file containing all entries you want to be omitted to the filters and then just add the domains you want to be ommited to that file. All projects will use it then. Don't see how this is time consuming?
  • It is - because every time it posts (mind the timeout here) it have to make such a comparison. So let's say we have to compare files containing million results. But if you read my whole post you will see further benefits of that functionality.
  • Any chance to see it soon?
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    If you cared ot restate what you want to do it would be so much easier to understand where you want to go. As it stands now you are basically talking to yourself (or I am just too tired to get the meaning) -  once again what? once again where? If you are making a new thread you need to restate the purpose otherwise everyone (and their dog) will ignore it.
  • Saying the issue as short as possible - I want to easily remove from identified folder urls that I posted already (located in the submitted folder).

    That's the main issue - but if the tool would be more open like those two added before - remove duplicates and join merge - the tool would give as further benefits - that I tried to clarify in those previous threads.
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